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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - C.A.C.
August 1938


I feel that if you had to define just what the past year of experience and service has given you that you would register it [206] as a sense of greater inner certitude and assurance, particularly in service. You will find that assurance is held before you as the goal of your spiritual endeavor. You have made much progress towards this goal lately and your first ray soul can anchor itself firmly in this personality quality and can do so with safety as the grace of humility is fundamentally natural to you.

Your field of service is growing, which is ever the reward of service rendered. You have now also gained a release from much ancient responsibility; this should leave you still more free for the future. What the future can hold for any person, it is not possible these days to foretell, for planetary conditions are such that no forecast is unalterably correct - not even for a member of the Hierarchy. For you, there will be the need for decision on various points and to this end I call your attention to another quality which is Consecration. Let all changes take place in your life as the result of right decision which must, in its turn, be based on a true soul orientation and dedication. Decisions must not be made as the result of any outer influence.

You might ask me at this point upon what a right decision should be based and I would reply in the following terms:

  1. On that which offers itself to you as spiritual opportunity but which can be carried out without relinquishing right and inescapable obligations. I say right obligations and not personality inclinations.
  2. On that which will give you a wider field of service so that all your powers and gifts and acquired talents may be called into play and give you that rounded out development which will equip you for your next life of activity.
  3. On that which can be done best by you and by no one else. Doors open and close and the disciple in training has to cultivate that spiritual, instinctual response which will enable him to know through which door his soul desires him to pass.

The only exercise I am going to give you at this time is to ask you to take five minutes, prior to the group meditation, for pondering on the familiar words, "In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength." [207]

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