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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - C.A.C.
January 1940


The glamor which constitutes your major limitation is in a peculiar sense a time glamor and affects you in two ways. One way affects you in strict relation to yourself and of it no one is aware; and the other affects all that you do on the outer plane of appearances and of daily living. In the adjustment of these two and in the attaining, first of all, of a mental attitude towards time as immortality and, secondly, of a command of time so that it is the agent of creative beauty in your life, you will master the last lesson which this particular incarnation has been intended to teach you. I do not desire to be more explicit.

As you steadily study time from the forward looking angle and time in reference to the future, you will discover an emphasis which needs altering in your thought life; as you study time in reference to the daily task, you will bring into your output of service to humanity and for us, a directed synthesis and an enhanced potency which is at present lacking. A sense of time and of its relation to the soul is one of the most absorbing and useful studies of the disciple; an understanding of the relation of the past to the future and their united effect in the present will create one of the levers which will open for you the Door of Initiation. I believe, my brother, that if you will meditate upon this that you will conclude - as I have done whilst studying you - that control of the time factor is the main need at this time. It will be for you to give a name to the particular glamor in connection with threefold time which is your main hindrance. Work at this problem during the coming year and, as you work, clarification will come. You will note that I am not here dealing with faults. At your particular age, life habit, developed tendencies, acquired good, and unconquered faults are firmly established. Go forward with your equipment as it is in full self-forgetfulness but seek to establish a rhythm in connection with time which will eventuate in a reorganization, a fuller service and a more effective expression of the soul. Study, if you care to do so, the significance of rhythm as it produces melody and causes harmony. [208]

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