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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.V.B.
To  R. V. B.

November 1931

To you, my brother, my words are as follows: You have this life stepped out into a greater measure of release than was anticipated by your soul or by those who watch upon the inner side of life. The day of opportunity opened for you and you took it. I have sought within your aura for that with which I should deal and my message for you is perhaps an unexpected one - the message of speed. Not hurry nor the rushing forward into experience with undue haste, but the steady, conscious quickening of the vibration which leads to power. Your outer demonstration gives not full expression to the pulsating life within; the activity of your soul is limited by your physical plane movements. More rapid coordination between the inner and the outer is needed and this at no cost to your achieved poise nor your really fine efficiency. You will know whereof I speak for, in your high moments, you annoy yourself by your slowness of response to the things which are inwardly sensed. You have poise, courage and knowledge and the "way of the disciple", which the disciple has to tread, is known to you, but the cells of the physical body need more rapid sensitizing and this through the bringing in of energy and not through diets or [264] other physical plane means. For the next six months send the energy you may contact to the throat center - not to the physical throat, but to the center which lies back of the physical organ up the spine and yet outside the physical body altogether. This fact should be remembered by all disciples. The seven energy centers are to be found about three inches behind their locations as usually denoted. If this is borne in mind, much physiological danger will be avoided. Rapidity of spiritual reaction in all the cells of the body is the word for you, brother of mine...

Go forward in strength (which you have) and in peace (which is yours) and in poise. For you, breathing exercises will do much.

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