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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.V.B.
June 1932


You have carried much responsibility and done much work with fortitude, and you must now remember that all periods of strain are but preparatory to the handling of still more work with increased efficiency and speed. Of one thing I would seek to remind you. All disciples who are being trained for that stage called by the inappropriate name of "accepted disciple" are being taught to use their own magnetic vibration to gather to themselves those who will constitute their own group, those whom they can specifically help. This work, they are taught by being put into a position of trust in relation to their fellowmen. Your work is, therefore, the work of training people to be workers and so fit them to be cooperators with the Plan. You will contact those who need you not as a leader or teacher. They will be those whom you know and feel require training and help. They have to be taught to work inclusively and to be animated by intelligent love. Take them into your aura and hold them in the light. Note their increase of capacity and later their individual reaction to you yourself. By this you will arrive at an understanding of your vibratory, magnetic capacity. The soul's nature is love and love is the great attractive force. In reference to my comment anent "accepted disciples," I would remind you that, after all, the Master accepts no one. [265] He only recognizes achieved capacity and ability and then endeavors to use them for the furthering of the divine plan. Disciples need to enquire, therefore: Does the love aspect in my nature draw people to me personally so that I can help them or does it set up a soul interplay between them and me? This is something that I would have you study and do. The extent of your magnetic radiation could well be doubled and is not yet equal to the power latent within you.

The mantram which I have chosen for you is intended to embody a statement of your life purpose. It is as follows:

"I know the Law and towards the goal I strive. Naught shall arrest my progress on the Way. Each tiny life within my form responds. My soul has sounded forth that call and clearer day by day it sounds. The glamor holds me not. The Path of Light streams clear ahead. My plea goes forth to reach the hearts of men. I seek, I cry to serve your need. Give me your hand and tread the Path with me."

Your usefulness to my group is that of emotional poise. See that you lose it not, whate'er betide. It means more than you can realize to your co-disciples.

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