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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.V.B.
January 1933


Since I last communicated with you, you have had many conditions to face which have inevitably promoted growth and developed your intuition. This latter faculty is steadily awakening and for you one of the ways of externalizing your inner awareness is through the use of a spiritual diary. Gather seed thoughts out of your consciousness and deepen your grip upon these thoughts by putting them on paper and enlarging upon them as you write. Your meditation each day can be made to serve such a purpose also and the two requirements for right meditation (where you are concerned) are the formulation of such seed thoughts and definite visualization work...

The reason for the meditation which I am giving you is to foster a close intuitive recognition of the reality which lies behind the group of disciples with which you are now associated [266] through your relationship with me. Another is the stimulation of the throat center through which you must learn to work during the third stage of the meditation work assigned... Watch the meditation work with care and communicate with A. A. B. should you feel the need of advice.

Your contribution to my work you know. You have to present a stable focal point; you must be a wise guide and friend and you must hold steadily the reins of government with self-effacement and yet with true insight. This is the task for you, my brother. You must also foster impersonality in those who work around you; this can only be accomplished as you yourself learn to be more impersonally personal. Impersonality is not hard for you but the more difficult task of personal interest and contact is to be achieved, for you will unfold by that method. What you have done is known and recognized, brother of old, but for thanks you look not.

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