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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.A.O.
March 1935


For a year now, I have made no change in your meditation. I have watched you for results in two respects. I have sought, first, to see you (as I earlier expressed it) a "master of time" and I have, secondly, noted the intuitive. help you have sought [283] to render to your fellow group members. I have noted your attention to these matters. The things which concern the soul are for you today of far greater moment than those which concern the personality. This has been illustrated for you in your personality disappointment and your group contact as evidenced in... a little while ago. The integration of certain of your group brothers into your consciousness was the main objective of the experience. Outer personality contacts have a definite place and are of value if rightly handled. Your help, for instance, with I. B. S. can be increased through the now established rapport. May I pause here, my brother, and thank you for the way you have egoically stood by her and helped her through a crisis that was more serious than any of you knew at the time?

If you cast your mind back over the past three years, you will note a life full of experience on all the planes of the personality; you can note too, if you will, a growing tendency towards soul control. I say tendency, my brother, for it is when tendency is transformed into habit and dynamic daily rhythm that the gates of initiation open before the disciple. Your major work today is to establish this habit. It lies for you hid in the control of time, which constitutes for you a major problem.

The development of certain types of people demonstrates through their control of force. With other types it shows in their control of the time factor and their ability to understand the practical significance of times and seasons, and their right and regulated use. You belong to this latter group, and in achievement along this line will come for you release and the establishment of beauty. There is a mystical beauty to be achieved, as we all know, through art. It conveys a general sense of beauty, color and inspiration, and thus it clothes and veils ideas. There is an occult (hidden) beauty also to be achieved in the field of art. This conveys a different sense of beauty, color and inspiration, clothed in those forms which reveal ideas. Mystical beauty veils, in beauty, the ideal. Occult beauty reveals, in beauty, the ideal. For you the occult achievement must be the goal, and the revelation of ordered beauty in time and space must constitute your synthetic effort. Ponder [284] on these words and definitions, for in them is to be found the secret of true creativeness. Meditate upon the distinctiveness of mystical inspiration and occult revelation and on their synthesis in all great achievement.

The integration of the personality has been your task of late, carried forward both consciously and unconsciously. The enriching of your life experience through fuller human contacts and a deepened understanding has for you the promise of creative expression, provided that each day is dealt with by you as an arranged opportunity for organized effort.

Will you understand me, my brother, if I say to you the following words? Spend your time listening. Give expression to the sensed vision. Cultivate the waiting attitude of psychic attentiveness, and when you hear the unheard and sense the intangible, endeavor to formulate it into words and expression of some kind, preserving the spirit of psychic drama which informs all such events. Forget not the occult truth that time and events are one basic phenomenal happening.

As regards your meditation work, I would suggest the following procedure. Bear in mind that I but make suggestion. It is for you to try out and see if wisdom lies behind my suggestion or not, and whether knowledge of you is the incentive of my effort on your behalf...

Write down at the close of your meditation work each day your thoughts. Later see what has been the net result. Should you so desire, put it into proper form and share with your fellow disciples.

This meditation will aid in bringing in your seventh ray power or organized creativeness which is one of your real needs, is it not? All work to be done at this time must be planned to bring in the organizing, synthesizing, integrating action of the soul. The technique will differ in the varying cases, but the objective is the same.

Guard your health, my brother.

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