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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.A.O.
September 1935

There is not much that I have to say to you at this time, brother of old. You get much teaching from me subjectively [285] and during the hours of sleep. That which you can bring through into your brain consciousness each day of that teaching is of inestimable value to you, for it establishes a technique and opens up a channel through which you can "bring through" that which you sense, and this is for you a much needed and immediate development.

This experiment in which we are attempting to take some members of my Ashram and form a group which will aid in the dissipation of the world glamor, necessitates most careful consideration and wisdom. It is an effort to provide a focal point through which the Hierarchy can reach and more readily attack the world illusion. This requires the most careful training of the group members, and if all of you submit intelligently to this training and discipline, it will be possible, later, to form a unit of occult potency and I may then set you some definite work to do as a group. This will, however, depend upon the various reactions of the group members and their intensified effort to learn and to understand. It is not my intention for the next year or so to do more than prepare you all for that united effort.

For you at this time I have but this one message: Aim at real achievement in accomplishment. I have definitely worded my thought that way so as to arrest your attention. There must be for you that definite objective upon the physical plane which will materialize in an equally definite achievement, so that your soul can say: "I have accomplished that which I intended." These achievements (of a minor character and of a major character) must be tangible, and should be the emergence into being of that which can be realized as the externalizations of your inner sensitive perceptions.

Intuitives (such as you are) have ever the problem of this materializing. It is a creative function. This is your obligation to your soul, and herein oft lies your failure. May I use this word "failure," brother of mine?

The integrated personality which possesses no spiritual objective, no mystical sense and no real powers of intuition and inner perception, can never "make good," as you say in the West. But the mystic, the disciple and the intuitive aspirant is as a house divided against itself. The energy of the man [286] is flowing in two directions. What is needed is the realization that - given right motive and true spiritual consecration - achievement on the physical plane in the chosen field of expression is spiritual achievement and, therefore, possible.

How can this be done? By three things, my brother, which I give to you for your consideration in the order of their importance.

  1. The attainment of the vision; the power to intuit; the capacity to control that which must be brought through and materialized on the physical plane.
  2. The following through of this idea or ideal:
    1. From the sensed intuition to its formulation into mental concepts, thought-forms, words and phrases;
    2. To its clothing with desire, with emotion and with beauty of feeling;
    3. To those wise and intelligent steps which will bring about the emergence of your idea or ideal into the light of the physical plane.
  3. The organizing of your time so that you get out of each day its full quota of inspiration, mental work and physical plane activity. Thus you will impose upon yourself that discipline which will not negate or inhibit your efforts, but which will produce the maximum of results with the minimum of effort. Ponder on this.

I change not your meditation just now, brother of mine. Carry it forward for another six months. There has not been adequate time for results. I particularly commend to your care I. B. S. Care for her. Aid her with your wisdom and your love, and help her break through into greater usefulness. In closing I say to you: Stand steadily and know (not believe or hope) that all things are working towards your release into greater expression of beauty and service.

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