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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.A.O.
February 1936


There has been for you a great stimulation of the entire psychic nature during the past six months, due to the close [287] attention you have rightly given to your personality unfoldment; due also to the strenuousness of the experiences to which that personality has been subjected, and due too to the effect of increased integration and to the psychic atmosphere in which you live. Your residence is in a great psychic center. This all indicates a step forward, provided you continue to hold with care the attitude of the Observer and do not identify yourself with the phenomena which you experience and may experience in the future. These experiences hold, as well you know, the seeds of danger - the danger of the detail and of the phenomenal happenings seeming of greater importance than of the whole and the formless. For you, however, this was a needed step in the integrating process; the sense of the abstract and the formless was unduly developed in you. You were the true mystic and the spiritual visionary, the idealist and the one whose imagination, love of beauty and the sense of inner reality shut you away from the world of practical life, wherein - for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear - the mystic truth ever lurks in its fullness, the vision of color and harmony is ever to be found, and the ideal can be seen undergoing the process of materialization. The blending, merging and fusing of the subjective beauty and the outer beautiful reality is your daily task. Those who, like you, are intuitive, must train themselves to be interpreters. The task of the interpreter of reality and of beauty should increasingly drive you into organized and planned activity.

In this last sentence, I have summed up for you the major task which should occupy you for the remainder of your life an interpreter of beauty and reality. How this is to be done is for you to decide. I but indicate your goal. As one gets older, the method of active expression has perforce somewhat to alter, and the ways of demonstrating the inner recognitions, and the task, should inevitably change, though growing all the time in potency. This implies no lack of potent achievement, but only the using of a different medium in which to work. Of this I feel the need of reminding you. The goal is intensification of the potent life at the center; that life must inevitably find its outlets.

You have much to give your group - love, beauty, intuition [288] and harmony. These exist as powers of your soul; they are being (and can be) used more and more. To these also I will add a definite creative ability. As before I told you, the development of a time consciousness which will not limit, but which will serve to conserve and organize the fifth gift of days, hours and minutes (those priceless gifts!) is your immediate need. There is a divine aspect to time.

I would like to see your meditation carried forward more dynamically and with a more instantaneous alignment and its consequent results. Seek during the ensuing months to make your meditation periods short and powerful, remembering that at present their objective is the inner organizing of the bodies and not so much the realization of the unseen. That realization is for you somewhat easy. Its bringing through into the brain consciousness and its wise use in service is what calls for your attention. I can now alter your meditation form, as you have had the one you are now employing for a year. Some of it I will preserve, but I will radically change part of it...

This may be regarded as a mode of intercessory activity, for intercession is a scientific means of relating the idea, the ideal and its outer expression. Give as much time to this as you like, providing your mental attitude remains dynamic and intense.

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