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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - W.D.B.
TO  W. D. B.

August 1934


You have had an interlude of disciplining and of adjustment, and this has not been a time of ease. Those of us who look among the ranks of men for those who can be used, have watched the progress of disciplining. These are days wherein disciples of all degrees - great or small, mental or intuitional - have to be tried and, if in any way available, they must be used. Your measure of detachment to those you love and to the results of work was tried out; your intuition was strengthened, and now the work of the next few years must call for your attention.

Two things I seek to point out to you. The first one is that your work now falls into two main departments - one connected with your own inner development, and the other connected with what service you can render in the world. Yet these two are one. The training of the New Age, and the coming technique to use in fitting disciples for their work is through service to achievement, with the emphasis upon the service and not upon the achievement. Your work in the world and your work [292] in my group of disciples is your mode of future inner development. To your group of students you bring what mental power you have, and develop it thereby, to the group you bring your intuitional capacity, and by constant use it also grows. You are thereby led forward, and the group contribution to other groups is deepened.

Your second line of development is service in the world. What line that service must take is for you to know and decide, and the germ of your decision is already in your mind. I give no definite instructions at any time to govern a disciple's service. Not in this way do servers grow.

Three among your fellow-disciples are sannyasins, and you are one of the three. The lesson of your interlude of deepened quiet training was detachment and the unfoldment of right action through the analysis of motive. Through these tests in your deeper Being, and through your response, you placed your feet upon the path of discipleship. This I think you know. I tell you not what you should know for yourself, but it is always permissible to enhance right thought conditions.

There is one of your co-workers (L. U. T.) with whom I specially ask you to make contact. Hold him in your thoughts and correspond with him. He is a warrior, scarred in the struggle, yet who persists, and for him you can do much.

As for yourself, my brother of old, I enjoin on you two things, which are the second point to which I earlier referred in this instruction. I would remind you to ever bear in mind that I but make suggestion, and that suggestion is to be followed only if it meets with your own inner approval and coalesces with your own soul's injunction. Your meditation for a while has been that upon the Light. I seek to give you another meditation, which is simpler, but for you more potent, and which will give you, if followed for the next six months, the needed impetus...

In the coming years, my brother, work with ease and eliminate the consciousness of strain and the sense of pressure. You belong to the work to be done and not to yourself. This is true of all disciples of all degrees, probationary, accepted and initiated. You are needed in the pressure of the coming work, and you must keep the instrument in good condition. When I [293] say you are needed, I mean that old relationship and old joint experience enable you to work in this group with facility and understanding, and that means power in the task to be accomplished.

Study the three words which are your life keynote, and with humility go forward, and thus aid in the breaking of the world illusion.

Your rays, brother of mine, are:

Soul ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom
Personality ray - the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict

In a previous life your personality ray was the first Ray of Power, and hence the evidence of power which seizes you at times.

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