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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - W.D.B.
January 1935


It is not my intention today to change your meditation work or to alter my instructions to you. You have worked at them for a relatively brief time and I shall not, therefore, change them until after the Full Moon in May, and in the next halfyearly work. You will gain a fuller idea of the group work and of your group brothers if you will take the time to study with care the instructions given individually to them.

I am not interested in much writing, or in the use of words and phrases which will intrigue the aspirant, or give to him a sense of my keen personal interest. I would not help that way. But I do seek to word these instructions - general and personal - so that they may embody a thought and offer food for mature consideration. The time both of teacher and of taught is today so valuable that there is no need for me to explain a necessary brevity.

I will call to your notice for closer attention the instructions I earlier gave you. Quiet concentration upon the life of the sannyasin and the achieving, therefore, of that inner detachment which is his outstanding characteristic, should be your main thought and control your hidden life during the next [294] six months. With the growth of that detachment, a deeper love and a deepened esoteric expression of that love should normally be developed.

The bringing about of a better alignment would also release more fully the love of your soul into your personality life and render you more radiant and attractive in the spiritual sense. This would increase your usefulness in service and supply a need. It is more a need in expression than a need in fact. This release of love will come through alignment, decentralization from the things of the personality and a more loving attentiveness to the service of others. Continue, therefore, with the meditation work already given, but dedicate two or three minutes before starting to definite work in order to produce alignment. See to it that, as far as you may, you "stand in spiritual being," that you are one with the soul and that there is a clear channel from soul to brain, via the mind. Then forget the differentiations which are mental in their origin and useful in their right place, and do your work as a soul. Work at establishing a close rapport with your group brothers. You are new in the work but are integrating into the group life rapidly and have much to give.

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