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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - W.D.B.
February 1936


The discipline which always accompanies the accepted disciple for work in the field of the world has been yours most definitely since I last communicated with you. Because you are a disciple, that discipline has taken hold of all aspects of the lower self (the human self) at one and the same time. Those who are not disciples may be exercised in one or another of the lower bodies. A disciple, however, is exercised in all three simultaneously, that is, in the personality as a whole. For you, therefore, there has been renewed physical disability, emotional stress (of two kinds, is it not so, my brother?) and mental difficulty and strain. This latter has been the worst and is partly responsible (though not entirely so) for the other two.

The lessons to be learnt by all disciples (before they can [297] work with power in the world) might be expressed as the need to gain discrimination between

  1. Primary principles and secondary principles, or between two rights:
    1. A greater and a lesser right.
    2. That which is right for you but which may not be right for others.
  2. Between one's personal dharma, obligation and individual duties and one's group responsibilities and relationships.
  3. Between the needs which group work evidences and demands and those of the individual.
  4. Between essentials and non-essentials.

So the task is hard, my brother, and the problems have - as you well know - to be solved alone. There are phases of inner experience upon which no one may intrude, not even the interested and sympathetic teacher, or the Master himself. Should they so intrude, the richness of the possible experience remains unattained. For you, the keynote to your essential emergence, radiant and free, is silence and patience and not too great a use of the analytical mind. Love reveals far more clearly and definitely (in your case) than analysis. Within the limits of your own horizon, you see clearly. Within the limits of your range of contacts, you must love deeply, and upon loving deeply must your emphasis be set.

For you, as for all your group brothers, must come concentration upon the work of preparation for the Wesak Festival. Pure channels and released minds are the major requirement at this time, and I call you all to a preparatory purification and mental discipline. It is the growing inner momentum of aspiration and devotion and the increasing "lucidity" of the mind which must constitute the goal for all of you during the next few months, for it is the demand of the disciples of the world which will bring in that which the world needs, and the intensification of light in which the real light can be seen. There is occult power in the words: "And in that light shall we see light." The light of the disciples of the world is sorely needed at this time by the Hierarchy. Yes, needed, my brother. [298]

During the next few weeks, I would suggest that you concentrate upon "holding the mind steady in the light." This will involve renewed work in alignment, and in the conscious refocusing of the mind towards reality. It is the activity of the inner, conscious man which ceaselessly turns its attention to the soul, seeking identification with that soul. The alignment usually carried forward is that of the personality with the soul. This you have largely achieved and the result is that of the calling in of the power which flows from the outer petals of the egoic lotus (speaking symbolically), the knowledge petals, to the brain. It is the energy of the second tier of petals which must now be evoked - those of love-wisdom. It is the inflow of this energy to the personality which I seek to evoke, and which must be the objective of your attention during the coming months. You have knowledge, my brother, and your spiritual experience is rich. Let this demonstrate now as wisdom, expressing love.

To this end I will outline to you the following suggested meditation, upon which you can work, unless I see fit to change it later...

Will you also, my brother, write down what may come to you concerning "radiation" and concerning "magnetic service"? These two papers will constitute your individual offering to your group brothers. Should you not have the strength and time for both this and the group work outlined by me earlier, then choose the elucidation of these two words - Radiation and Magnetism - in preference to the group work.

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