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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - W.D.B.
August 1936


It is difficult for me to know just what to say to you at this difficult half year period. The past few months have been times of difficulty to you, but they have nevertheless been times of real growth, even if you yourself sense it not. Yet, regarding yourself as a member of your group you have offered but little to the united group life of your brothers. This may perhaps be somewhat due to a misconception as to the true significance of my purpose. It is so difficult for a person who has [299] sixth ray qualities predominantly present (either as the result of this life's direction, or as carried over as predisposing influences from another life, as is your case), to realize the one-pointed intention (using this word in the sense in which the Catholic uses it) of a group. One's own point of view, one's own dharma, one's own problems and one's own unfoldment are followed so one-pointedly and - complicating the difficulty - with such truly right and high motives. When to this is added an intensely critical mind, the problem is doubly hard. But, brother of old, your intense inner loyalty to truth, your truly developed selflessness, your strong link with the Hierarchy as a pledged disciple, and your clear-sightedness are contributions to the group life of such value, that I ask you today to attempt to reintegrate yourself into the group in a true and selfless manner.

This particular group of my disciples has the problem of arriving at an understanding of glamor - a glamor in which all human beings move who are as yet below the grade of an initiate of the third degree. The tests, therefore, to which the group members have been subjected, have been many and great, and several times the life of the group as a unit has been nearly wrecked. I. B. S. could tell you much, were she to speak with you face to face, of the time when it seemed well nigh impossible to save the group life. L. T. S-K. realizes today how glamor has him in its clutches, yet sees not the point of entrance. D. A. 0., too, as you will see from her correspondence, is bewildered - though she realizes it not, and would deny the implication - by the glamor of independence. And yet the group goes on and will go on, as long as the spirit of love continues to prevail among the members and there is freedom from truly selfish purposes.

Part of the great temptation of our Master, the Christ, in the wilderness was based upon the three aspects of the world glamor - illusion, glamor and maya. These all threatened to bewilder him and he met each of them in turn with the enunciation of a clear-cut principle, and not with the wordy arguments of an analytical brain. From that field of victory, he went forth to love, to teach and to heal. In these days of world pain, let love and joy equally be the keynotes of your [300] life - as a group and as individuals - for they carry the healing vibration of the Hierarchy.

I change not your work. I have little, my brother, to say to you today. You have not done the work earlier assigned. Why, therefore, should I assign more or different work? That earlier given is still needed. Think less and love more. This is the keynote for you during the coming six months. Then light will be released and will shine upon your way. Consider the welfare of the group by becoming an integrated part within it. You will naturally demand: "How can I do this? Questions and problems of various kinds fill my mind, and how - troubled as I am - can I be of service to the group?" With most aspirants, the need is to train them to think and reflect, to ponder and to analyze, but you do these with a rare facility. Frequently you analyze yourself into a cul-de-sac. Is it not so, my brother? There is no way out of that cul-de-sac for you except by rising; you cannot go back, for retrogression is not the way of the disciple. But you can rise on the wings of love and the motive of service into the freedom and the light where the Great Ones walk and live and work.

In the assigned meditation given in the last series of instructions, I give you the following to incorporate:

  • 1st month - Orientation.
  • 2nd month - Lucidity. Clarity.
  • 3rd month - The Peace which passeth understanding.
  • 4th month - Integration.
  • 5th month - Group Life.
  • 6th month - The radiant Way.

We shall otherwise leave your work to be completed, if you so will.

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