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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R.
August 1935


I seek to give you some personal work to do in connection with me that will not be easy. You have ever been interested in that inner subjective work which might be called telepathic clairvoyance. This work you would have done had it been possible for you to work with my first planned group. Would you care to work with me, my brother, along this line for a while? I have placed in your "way of vision" in meditation (a phrase which perhaps means little to you but which nevertheless embodies an existent fact) two symbols which I seek to have you contact as a training in inner sensitivity. See if you can contact them and the word for which they stand. This work will form part of your meditation.

  1. Achieve a sense of inner poise and quiet, yet at the same time, hold a positive attentiveness to the establishing of a contact with me. Seek to sense my aura and to tune in on my group, of which you are a part.
  2. Then register what seems to appear to you, and any word connected with the registered symbolic form which may emerge in your consciousness. Try to contact the first symbol in the first three months, and the second in [306] the last three. Record each day what you feel you contact and summarize your results. Be not unduly anxious.
  3. Sound the Word, the 0. M. three times; once for your group brothers, then for your immediate circle of family and friends, and finally for the group of students which you are training for me. Realize that as you do this two things happen: First, that you are vitalizing them, and secondly, that you are establishing links whereby you can reach them and the group life can flow.
  4. Say the mantram of the Disciples Degree: "May the energy of the divine self inspire me and the light of the soul direct. May I be led from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real, from death to immortality."
  5. Proceed with your meditation as you yourself shall choose but do not give more than ten minutes to this period.
  6. Then do the breathing exercise as hitherto, but place it this time at the end of your meditation for this will set in motion the energies which you may have succeeded in contacting.

It will be obvious to you that I am seeking to establish a closer link between yourself and the group on the inner planes of which I am the focal point. This I am definitely endeavoring to do. With this in mind, carry forward your spiritual life during the next six months and integrate yourself more closely and consciously into this group of mine on the inner planes. Of this group, your co-disciples are a part. Have ever in your consciousness the fact of the group, the purpose of group service at this time, and the intention that should underlie the life pattern of every disciple - that the Plan must be served.

I have but little more to say to you now, except that I desire deeply that you may emerge into greater freedom of life and expression and liberate yourself from any chains which may hold you back from the life of full and loving service - I speak of inner habits of thought and not of any external responsibilities and contacts. [307]

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