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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R.
February 1936


I seek today to emphasize to you the need to recognize and reinterpret your inner life pattern, or, in other words, the inner program which your soul undertook to follow when you first set your foot upon the Path of Accepted Discipleship. This you did two or three lives ago and you have followed this path slowly and with caution. There is now, however, need for a more dynamic following of your soul purpose and a definite negating of all the impediments which seek at this time to obstruct your progress. I would call your attention to the fact that I do not here refer to outer relationships and contacts. They exist and have their purpose and, as you well know, all right responsibilities must always be met by disciples. I refer to that inner, active, spiritual life which you should increasingly cultivate, and to that dual activity which every disciple has to follow simultaneously. This dual life embraces the world of inner relationships and of recognized subjective attitudes, but it also embraces the life of outer service and of those relationships which you have assumed as your physical plane dharma. Clear vision as to these outer relations in the world of professional activity, of friendships and of family relations is a necessary requirement in treading the Path, and until a disciple sees these relations in their true and right proportions, his mind is frequently disturbed and his service handicapped. I give you here a hint. Every link that one makes on earth does not necessarily entail the recognition of a soul link. We make new and fresh links and start new lines of karma and of dharma. One of the first things that a disciple has to learn is right judgment as to the relative soul age of his associates. He soon discovers that these vary. He learns then to recognize those whose wisdom and knowledge surpass his own, to cooperate with those who stand with him upon the Path and to work for those whom he can help, but whose evolutionary status is not on an equality with his own. The ordered pattern of his life can then take on definite forms and he can begin to work with intelligence.

These points you need to study, remembering that truth and clear vision are of greater value than blind loyalty and curtailed understanding. When grasped, they lead to increased happiness [308] and to power in all relationships. A right sense of proportion does not necessarily involve criticism.

I seek to change your work and meditation considerably this next half year. My objective in so doing is twofold: I seek to see you bring about a more rapid alignment and a more dynamic intensification of your life of aspiration. Your mental polarization is good and your work in the world greatly aids you in this respect. Its integration with the life of feeling could be stronger and more dynamic, and for this we will work for a little while. I seek, secondly, to aid you to be more sensitive to the forces which should pour in on the world during the month of May if the world disciples measure up to their opportunity.

Continue with the breathing exercises as heretofore. Then meditate as follows:

  1. Focus the consciousness as high in the head as possible.
  2. Sound the O. M. three times inaudibly and, with the power of the creative imagination,
    1. See the physical body dedicating itself to the service of the soul.
    2. Retreat still further inward as you sound the O. M. and visualize the emotional nature pouring itself forth in aspiration towards the service of humanity.
    3. Retreat still higher and still more inwardly and dedicate the mind principle to the service of the Plan.
  3. Then, holding the consciousness on this high plane, seek to lift your consciousness higher still and, by a definite act of the will, see three things occur: complete alignment, definite integration with the personality, and the dynamic focusing of your consciousness in the soul.
  4. Then sound the word audibly, but sound it this time as the soul, breathing forth light, understanding, and love into the waiting, attentive, integrated personality.

    Make this a dynamic, quick and conscious activity.

  5. Attempt then, as a soul, to link up with your co-disciples. Having done this, seek then to see the symbol which blazes forth from the brow of each of them. Each symbol is different. Endeavor to see these symbols by definitely [309] linking up with and pouring out love to your brothers. Note down each day the symbol that seems to you to be related to them.
  6. Having done this, repeat rapidly the process of alignment given in points 1, 2, 3, and then sink back into the stage of contemplation, holding it as long as you can. Assume imaginatively (if you cannot in reality) the attitude of a soul as it lives the life of contemplation in its own world, and endeavor then to see in connection with the following monthly themes what the soul sees and knows.

1st month - The nature of contemplation.
2nd month - The necessity for integration.
3rd month - The technique of alignment.
4th month - The inspiration of the personality.
5th month - with the hierarchical endeavor.
6th month - The service of the Plan.

  1. Insert here what intercessory work you seek to do.
  2. Sound the O. M.

For your own personal work I would ask you to write one paragraph which will embody your highest thought concerning the six themes which I have given above for contemplation.

My brother, I ask you to persevere without discouragement and with no undue pondering upon results achieved. You are not in a position rightly to gauge your own progress. Continue to serve and to work and leave realization with its results and effects to take place naturally without any forcing of the process. Your soul is active and just now its attention is turned in power towards its instrument; your vibratory rate, your power in service, can increase; and your opportunity at this time is real. The physical brain is not yet in a condition wherein the inner activities can be accurately registered but that is no indication that that activity is not great and right. Comply with my suggestions and keep in close touch, subjectively and objectively if possible, with your group brothers. [310]

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