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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - P.G.C.
March 1938


I would ask you to cast your eye, the eye of the inner spiritual insight, back over the past eight years, and thus awaken the recognition that during that time three things have happened to you:

  1. Your orientation towards reality has been stabilized; you are definitely faced towards your goal, and nothing is able to deter you. Your progress may be slowed by circumstance and human frailty, but nothing can arrest your progress.
  2. Your personality dependencies (upon yourself and upon others) are basically weakened and you have learnt a "divine distrust" of the reactions of the little self and its attitudes. You were so sure of your own point of view eight years ago, particularly in your own department of life and training.
  3. The significance of patient waiting, both in relation to people who are close to you, your clients, your co-disciples and me, is becoming strongly developed in you and it is one of the first lessons which a disciple has to master.

The implications of these three developments and their effect upon your daily life in your office, home, environment and group is now quite definite, and I would remind you of this. You will know within yourself the reason that I have brought these steps of progress to your attention. It is of real value to a disciple at times to summarize achievement and to accept it.

A new cycle always eventuates from such a moment of recognition and of conclusion, and into such a cycle you are now moving. Be therefore prepared both for deepened vision and for a fresh cycle of testing. You might ask me, my brother, of what such a preparation should consist. For you, it should be a steady "standing in spiritual being" which in your case [349] (because of ray affiliations) means to stand in the radiance of love - a love which wavers not and which permits no personality reactions to dim its lustre. I refer here to soul love and patience and not to any emotional expression of a well-developed astral body such as you undoubtedly have. Such an astral body, duly disciplined becomes a channel for the soul, and is a group asset and of major usefulness.

Earlier, I gave you some seed thoughts to be the germ of your meditation. This I did with a long purpose in my mind. Meditation is so oft regarded as the means for establishing soul contact. People oft forget, however, that this contact is brought about very frequently by an inner reflective attitude of mind, by a life given to service and selflessness, and by a determination to discipline the lower nature so that it may become a true channel for the soul. When these three methods of development are fully expressed and become a life tendency or permanent habits, then meditation can be shifted into another category of usefulness and serve as a technique for the development of the intuition and for the solution of group problems. To this use of meditation I seek to direct your attention, and it was towards these ends I was working when I chose the seed thoughts given to you earlier this year. I would ask you now to take the following six questions, based upon these seed thoughts, into your meditative reflection and answer them, one each month, during the coming half year period.

  1. Why are the hands the distributive centers for healing and what do they symbolize?
  2. What three major points should be considered in all true diagnosis?
  3. Which of the bodies does the factor of time primarily affect and why?
  4. "Occult abstraction" takes place in two directions in connection with a patient. What are these two directions? And what is abstracted?
  5. Do you believe that a man's karma must inevitably lead always towards physical healing in this particular incarnation?
  6. 6. What aspect of love is used by the healer when dealing with a patient? [350]

You will find these questions of engrossing interest and well worth your attention as a preparatory task for the future work in healing in which you must prepare to take a prominent part. This group work I trust we can begin soon if the group continues with its task of integration, and learns the nature of that quiet spirit which is free from criticism, undue questioning and goes forth to others in love.

I will now indicate to you the nature of the five rays which condition you at this time. Of two of them, you already have some knowledge - your second ray soul and your seventh ray personality. In many ways you know more about the soul ray which conditions you than you do about your seventh personality ray. Knowledge of this latter ray must come to you through the art of healing, and your soul has rightly led your personality into its right line of activity.

Your mental body is on the fifth ray. This is definitely what I might call a "left over" from the fifth ray personality in which you functioned in your previous incarnation. This fifth ray mind gives you the enquiring, questioning nature which is one of your outstanding characteristics - a great asset when rightly used; a major problem and real deterrent to the inflow of soul light when over-emphasized. Eight years ago it was thus over-emphasized.

Your astral body is on the sixth ray and this is one of the factors which links you so closely to several of your fellow disciples. Both your major rays, as you will have noted are the same as R. S. W. You can see how potent a part you can play in this life if the force or influence which flows through you, via your emotional nature, is rightly directed by your soul. Being on the same line of energy as the soul - 2, 4, 6 - a line of least resistance for soul force is found.

Your physical body is upon the seventh ray. This should give you facile expression of your personality purpose upon the physical plane. Therefore, in dealing with yourself, you have the following ray forces to consider:

  1. The egoic ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.
  2. The personality ray - the seventh Ray of Order or Magic.
  3. The ray of the mental body - the fifth Ray of Concrete Science. [351]
  4. The ray of the astral body - the sixth Ray of Devotion.
  5. The ray of the physical body - the seventh Ray of Order or Magic.

It is of value to students to study what rays are not represented in the personality equipment. I commend this to your attention and also the implications based upon the fact that the three rays of your three bodies correspond sequentially to the three planes in the three worlds of your personality endeavor.

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