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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - P.G.C.
November 1938


I would start my instructions to you with stating my thanks for the steadiness whereby you have evoked the greatly needed group integration. You have served the group well, e'en if you do not realize it yourself. But I have seen and known. It is not oft that I pause in my strenuous life to tell a disciple that he has done well. I pause here today, however, to tell you so with deliberation.

The group should start its healing service in the late fall. By that time, all will have assimilated and grasped the essentials of the group work. You will be even more receptive to my suggestions than you have been, for you have worked hard at the task of spiritual acquiescent compliance. It was for you a hard task for you are an analytical personality. You can now receive the teaching with a sensitive compliance and a spiritual integrity which seven years ago would have been utterly impossible to you. See that you lose not these qualities.

One great problem I would commend to you, my brother, and that can be stated to you in the form of the following question: Group meetings often prove undesirable for disciples in the early stages of their work together. They serve only to foster personality reactions. How and in what way can the group meet, as a unit, for your future work in healing? This question will necessitate careful consideration on your part and I would ask you to ponder upon the following possibilities:

  1. That the group, could meet - at certain stated hours on [352] certain stated days, sitting alone wherever they may be and thus do the required work.
  2. That the group could do the work each morning at their morning meditation, each in his own place, knowing that upon the inner planes, the time equation counts not.
  3. That the group could meet together (as many as possibly can) in person for the work of healing but should refuse to impair their usefulness by any personality conversation or exchange of views.

In my last instructions to you, I advised you strongly to consider the nature, qualities and attributes of the rays which were lacking in your equipment. Did you duly do so? They are, as you well know, the first, the third and the fourth or the rays of power, active intelligence and of that skill in action which produces conflict, leading to harmony. You have a sound grasp of the rays which constitute your equipment for this life but you need to understand wherein you lack certain attribute necessary to achievement. You possess four types of ray energy, which work quite fully through you. It is not hard for you to show love, though you handicap yourself considerably through the over-emphasis of the wisdom aspect of love. This leads to certain forms of hardness in your relations with those near and dear to you. Does this surprise you, my brother?

The seventh ray in your personality and physical body gives you the desire to use your hands and it determines your life work, because the hands are the agents of the magician and you are most definitely upon the Path of the White Magician. Your sixth ray astral body has given you your idealism, and the one-pointedness of your fifth ray mind has determined the nature of your mental approach to problems and to people; but you lack certain qualities which would supplement your life expression and which would round out your nature. You need more skill in action, a more firmly focused will to understand; thus you will bring more of your brain cells into activity through the exercise of the third ray qualities. Ponder on this, but become not over-serious about it.

Continue with the group meditation along with the other group members and note carefully the few changes I have made. [353] Add to it the following brief meditation. it is planned in connection with your fifth ray mental nature, and I would ask you to do it with care... Go in peace, my brother.

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