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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - P.G.C.
January 1940


At the center of your astral life lies a hindering glamor, and, as in the case of your group brother... I find it difficult to give this glamor a name. It is the reverse of his but then your two natures are widely different. Perhaps I can explain. You are working on the physical plane with distressed bodies and minds. You are also working on soul levels with though and with concepts, and also with the assimilation of that inner and occult knowledge which has been your chosen way this life. Your active and enquiring mind, therefore, moves in the direction of the rendering of service and the acquiring of knowledge. You can touch heights in your inner life. Your service, steadfastly rendered, brings you down into the depths of human living. Yet the glamor of detachment, leading to personal cleavages in your inner life, hinders the full expression of the soul and the demonstration of a fusion which is much needed. For you, the word which would bring light is identification as it is for... By means of that identification the soul becomes at-one with all that breathes. That which hinders... is different to that which hinders you. Your mind is more active than his, and you are not so held by social consideration she is. His intuition is more alive than yours and far more sensitive. You both need, however, a closer identification with humanity and release from a glamorous preoccupation with [355] what goes on in the higher levels of consciousness and a closer interest in the reactions upon the planes of personality expression.

This diagnosis of mine will, I think, surprise you. The fact remains that you must continue your mental attitudes, cease in no way to be preoccupied with the search for truth and for the occult significance of life, but in your own case, through the medium of the brain and of physical plane contacts, you must aim at being more at-one with your fellowmen. It is perhaps an increased facility in the dual activity of the searchlight of the mind to which I refer. See that the two become the two beams of light with which you increasingly work and that they balance each other. When they do, all glamor disappears.

NOTE: P. G. C. is still one of the Tibetan's trusted workers.

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