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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.U.
To  R. S. U.

November 1931


I have a word for you as you enter on a period of wide usefulness and increased service. You know well your weakness and your strength. There is little along these lines that I can tell you. Your failure is in application of knowledge to the situation. So oft with aspirants, the main weakness lies in one particular body and for you it is the disciplining of the physical body and an inability to apply your ideals to it at need. You treat it oft too well, and yet at times you alternate good treatment with periods when you treat your physical elemental with undue harshness. If you can bring about an evenness of treatment and a balanced method in your handling of your physical problem, much light and knowledge will pour through your brain consciousness. It lies in your hands and there is little that I can do. You are primarily along the occult line. You work with energy and, actually and mentally, you are fairly well controlled and coordinated. You need to work with the physical body and use it in the work you have to do and right there is where hindrance creeps in. You have rich opportunity ahead [356] of you and have earned it. Be not sidetracked but cultivate that one-pointedness which is one of your most vital assets.

One thing I would like to point out: In your breathing exercises which I noted as you worked this week, the lung and the inflation aspect is unduly emphasized and there is too much effort in what you do. The power and subtlety of the pranayama process lies in the potency of the thought behind the act of breathing and not at all really in the inflation and deflation of the torso. The whole thing is summed up in the aphorism "Energy follows thought." The main effect should be upon the etheric nadis which underly the nerves, and not upon the bellows-like activity of the lungs. You are not getting the result which you should... Your work lies largely with individual and with the task of bringing solutions into life problems; you have the gift of strength to offer to others and the experience gained through many lives. This work can be increased if you deal with firmness, humor and perseverance with the vehicle which hinders you.

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