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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.U.
June 1933


You have trodden the upward Way with greater speed of late. Your horizon is, therefore, wider and your outlook much more impersonal. Keep steadily on the move and let not inertia drag you down and set weights upon your feet. The work to be done is steadily increasing, brother of old, and you are needed in that work and needed more dynamically than heretofore. Grasp that idea and stand steadily with me in the work I seek to do. Be ready to give of your wisdom and power to unfold and teach when the need arises...

In your early work in meditation you were told to sound the Sacred Word seven times consecutively. I wish you to take up now a sevenfold work upon the centers because some synthetic work will be helpful to you. I will not here outline it in detail as it is planned for individual need and is better not committed to writing for all to read. You will receive the needed instructions directly. Follow them with care and watch for the vitalization of the physical body as a consequence, an be ready for increased service as time elapses. [357]

The gift of wise teaching is your gift to my group - a wisdom, divorced from criticism, coupled also to the reticence of the trained occultist. This gift you and F. C. D. have in great degree. Give of your wisdom, brother of old, wisely and strongly and without fear. I indicate to many of my disciples their specific gift to the group with which I have affiliated them in order that, with deliberation and knowledge, they may constantly give along the indicated lines and thus contribute to the group life. There is the gift of being these embodied qualities. There is also the gift of realizing that because one does embody some divine attribute in some measure - large or small - one can act as a channel for its transmission from the greater center. This is the basis of the doctrine of Avatars or Divine Messengers. The gift of Being and the gift of deliberate Transmission of qualified powers must be better understood.

I have only a brief mantric sentence for you; it has the significance of a dedication:

"I plunge myself into the pool of wisdom. From thence I come, bearing a knowledge of its mysteries for my fellowmen."

Seek during the next few months to understand not only the way a disciple must proceed, but seek to enter more deeply into the technique of understanding your brother's heart by a study of the duality of ray energies (personality and soul rays) which make him what he is in this incarnation.

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