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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.U.
January 1939


What can I say that I have not already said? I can remind you of the interesting fact that every one of the forces of your personality is on the first great line of power, of isolation and of separateness. The only second ray influence through which love can come is your soul and the implications of this you are apt to misunderstand. Therefore, your life of love is dependent upon the extent of your soul contact and that contact must be kept living and vital or else your personality idea, your desire to hold people away from you, your sense of isolation and of pride will dominate. The difficulty is enhanced for you owing to the fact that the ray which governs your race is the third ray and that also governs your personality far more [373] strongly than you realize. Therefore the age-old separateness of your racial background will increase your sense of withdrawing from all personality contacts. It will place the glamor before your eyes that the only contacts possible for you are those reached via the soul. If that were truly so, my brother, why be in a physical body at all, why be in a group of disciples, why be so much loved by those around you? Your co-disciples love you and give you, as much as they can, the love of their souls. Those who are near you on the physical plane give you also personality love and devotion. The first you accept with pride and understanding; the second you reject with pride and no understanding.

Before you can claim the full prerogatives of an accepted disciple (which you are) you must penetrate behind the screen or the shutter of your personality and become aware of the violence of your true feeling on the question of racial differences, of social standing, of class distinctions and of personality affections. There is in you what amounts almost to an inhibited hatred. It is partly racial, partly European, and partly a totally unnecessary sense of social and personal inferiority. You assure yourself that it is not there. You refuse to recognize it with great deliberation. You say to yourself: I am all love and understanding because I am a soul. And you very frequently are a soul and your influence is soul influence. But behind all this lies a blind spot. It is a "sticking your head into the sand" type of glamor, and a refusal to register your personality limitations along this line. You, with your wisdom and soul contact, could most easily handle this, if you so desired.

I am speaking to you thus frankly, my brother, because I have confidence in you and I know that you have confidence in me. I have confidence also in the love of your group brothers for you.

Your problem must be approached differently to that of your co-disciples. It is much more difficult, owing to the unusual fact that your astral body is on the first ray. Your personality ray, the third, is focused in your astral body, adding to its power, its glamor, and its hold on you. Your problem is to call in the energy of the soul in such potency that it [374] will drive out the first ray force and leave you, at the close of this incarnation, with a second ray astral body.

The meditation I would give you is based on the words "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." I would have you, therefore, think out with care the differences that would appear in your personality expression if you had a second ray astral body. I will also set you the task of writing out for me, my brother, a paper in which you will emphasize the characteristics of a second ray astral body. You will then endeavor each day to build in these second ray qualities. They are built in through the second ray methods of love, contact, attraction, understanding, sympathy and compassion. The latter two qualities are almost totally lacking in your equipment and your career as an executive director has necessarily enhanced this defect. I would remind you that I did not say that you lacked love. You used, in the past, to supplement this defect by an intuitive appreciation of people but lately you have hardened in one direction - that of sympathy - and crystallized into a racial pattern which is not yours; it is based on the development of the heart center which has, as yet, only opened in the direction of your own people and towards Masonry.

Will you give ten minutes each morning to the exercise which I here outline... Then seek brain-mind alignment with the soul and see the love of your soul pouring into your personality, transmuting its force and working through on to the physical plane. It will express itself as personality love, actuated and directed by soul love. Can you see the picture, my brother, as I see it? Perfect love casteth out fear. Your personality is not on the line of love but of power. It fears love and the expression of love. In this statement I have given you a slant on your soul problem.

Your co-disciples love and will love you increasingly. At present, you do not let them love you and you misunderstand and misinterpret them. Where there is little real love, there is little true comprehension. When you function as a soul, you love much and quite impersonally. You are not yet a Master, however, and so able to give impersonal love without hurting. Therefore, there is need for you to love personally also. I will [375] aid you where I can and I give you my personal love - my impersonal love has always been yours.

NOTE: Nothing has stopped this disciple from active cooperation with the Tibetan and with the group of his disciples.

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