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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - W.D.S.
TO  W. D. S.

November 1937

What shall I say to you, my brother and my friend, that will do for you two things: First of all, give you confidence in the rightness of your choice of a field of service, and, secondly, strengthen your will so that you can stand as a tower of strength to others? Are these not the two things which you desire and which constitute your aim, and do you not require assurance on these points, or is it reassurance?

Go forward, my brother, looking not behind but with your eyes fixed in steadfastness upon the Way of a world Server. It is a hard way, with many ups and downs, and many steep hills and valleys of shadow, but there is rest and shade in the valley and sunshine on the hills. These difficulties your Master knows, for he, too, has found the way hard, when he traveled it. In speaking thus, I refer not to myself; I am only your teacher and your friend.

Your life lesson is detachment, and - in order to practice detachment as a disciple should - you need to strengthen your will to be. This I think you know. You are a second ray soul in a first ray personality sheath or vehicle. Your effort this life has ever been to love, to serve and to understand; this has been the outstanding gesture of your soul this incarnation. Now must come the effort of your personality will towards directed orientation. The divine aspect of your personality this life and the major integrating factor is your will. Self-will you have negated, through love. This you have achieved, and it is well to recognize it. But the integrating will of the personality, subordinated to the will of the soul, must be developed and used with due detachment. In these few words I state your immediate problem. Ponder upon them, for in their understanding [376] will come increased capacity to serve. This capacity I know that you seek, and the door of service stands wide open and you are needed where you stand.

Strength to stand; strength to love; strength to be detached - these are and should be your objectives. For you, in this connection, it is the evocation of the spiritual will (as it is applied to the personality and its problems and as it acts as the directing agency in the brain) which must be your immediate objective.

To this end, I suggest that you preface the group meditation which I am asking all of you to do with the following brief exercise:

  1. Take six long breaths, slowly and without effort, or any inflation of the abdomen. After the last breath say, with thought and consciousness alert: I am an expression of the Will of God. That Will directs my thoughts and guides me in the purposes of my soul. To that Will I hold.
  • Interlude of Exhalation.
  1. Take six more long breaths in a similar manner and then say: Let this divine intelligent Will govern my heart, and lead me in the Way of Love. In this Way I will to go.
  • Interlude of Exhalation.
  1. Again take six long breaths and then say: Let this divine intelligent loving Will direct my brain and service on the outer plane of Life. With my Will, I will to serve.
  • Interlude of Exhalation.

Will you also take six seed thoughts out of any book you care to choose and write down these six seed thoughts - one for each month? Take one, therefore, each month for careful reflection during the day, as you proceed upon your life service. At the end of each month send in the thought on which you have been pondering, with the gist of your reflection, for the helping of your group brothers.

You will note from the above that I am endeavoring to prepare you, as well as the other newly chosen group members, for quick participation in the group work. [377]

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