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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.P.R.
June 1934


The buffeting of life has tried you in the past six months, and thereby you have grown in understanding. For you, the intent of this buffeting process has not been to make you sweeter or more able to withstand. These are for you but subsidiary effects. Your intended lesson is Detachment and, as you free yourself from the clinging chains of attachment to place or person, your intuitive perception will thereby be released, and you will see in terms of reality and not in terms of form - no matter how high or purified.

You may perhaps ask in this connection: What is my main usefulness to this group of disciples, should I gain this released perspective? You think ever in terms of service, my brother, which was one of the reasons (apart from karmic suitability) prompting my choice of you for work in this group. My answer may surprise you, for I give it in terms which are somewhat unusual. Your main usefulness consists in the potency of your aura - that field of magnetic life which surrounds everyone on all sides, and which in your case is of unusual extent. Little is known as yet anent the aura. I would define it simply as the sumtotal of the attractive forces in the field of individual activity. It is through the aura that an individual effect makes itself felt in a man's surroundings. My message, therefore, to you is to use your auric influence more intelligently, to become more spiritually effective and less personally attractive. I speak in symbols and ask for understanding. Ponder on this, my brother, for your field of usefulness will grow as you detach yourself from forms, no matter how dear or how ancient the rhythm by which they hold you. Turn, instead, outwards in the effort to aid your fellowmen. Aid people by using what you are, which must express itself through the medium of the aura. [387]

Preserve your meditation as hitherto, but change the color of your field of lotuses from yellow to a deep and vibrant rose. This will serve to stimulate the astral aura. This constitutes the third use or purpose of this meditation. The other two uses, I indicated in my last instruction.

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