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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.P.R.
August 1934


May I at this time indicate to you two things, my brother, knowing that, as an old and experienced aspirant, you seek ever to see life truly as it is?

First, in each life there is reached what I might call a definite high water mark of achievement, and the age at which this is reached varies almost infinitely. When it is reached, there is then a settled tendency towards crystallization, towards a recognition of the life's thought-form (this being the sumtotal of all the formulated ideas which have governed progress) and a gradual slipping under the dominance of that thought-form. This inhibits further progress. When the high water mark is reached after the age of 55-70, the difficulty is much increased by a perfectly normal physical inertia. So much of the life at that time is occupied with the processes of keeping in such physical condition that there may be the accomplishment of the needed duties of a full life. This high water mark has been reached for you in the ordinary sense and under the law of normal development. It can constitute for you exactly what it is, and you need feel no shame over your accomplishment for it has been good. Your life purpose has been rightly oriented and in the next life you will reap the results of your lifelong discipline.

But for you, as a soul and as a disciple under training, there need be no arresting of the process of development. The high water mark of your life cycle (in the broader and wider sense) will not be reached yet for many lives and, therefore, there need be for you no interlude of inertia and no demonstration of a static condition. You may go on from point to point upon the Way, both now and hereafter. The decision and effort must come from you, my brother, and it lies entirely in your [388] hands. Go forward along the Way in the full vigor of your soul life, which is that of a mature and experienced aspirant. The power of your first ray soul can galvanize the personality into continued action and aspiration, into continued mental control; for you, therefore, there need be no cessation of activity and no settling back into inertia until the final activity of transition engrosses the dual attention of your soul and your personality, and the final detachment takes place. But to transcend the normal high water mark, there will be necessitated the imposition of that inner pressure which will refuse to let the tired body and mind rest back upon the past. There is needed the incentive of a focused will that plays its dynamic energy through the lower threefold man; there is required that purified, discriminative mind which (in the interests of the soul) will separate the essential from the non-essential and so enable you to enrich your service through the wise elimination of those factors which produce a useless dissipation of your energy and the use of your time for that which is negligible in results.

I know you will realize the reason for my remarks and that you will face this issue in the light of your soul and for the good of those who look to you for inspiration. As I told you earlier in your training, spiritual effectiveness is your goal and towards this all your effort should be bent. This will not negate the use of worldly wisdom and the right fulfilment of your many obligations, but it will aid you in the process of selection which is your main and self-chosen training ground.

I seek today to change your meditation work entirely. The focus given by the visualization work and exercise with color and form has done much in the work of inner adjustment. I seek now to speed up the rhythm of your life so that a fuller tide of will and purpose may dynamically pour through you.

You may feel surprised at what I am setting you to do, and at my apparent omission to give you a set form at which to work. That I will do after you yourself have worked for a while at the problem.

Much has for ages been said and written anent the practice of the Presence of God and today one of the interesting events of the time is the emergence of various "techniques" for achieving [389] the realization of this Presence, of inspiration, of light and of contact.

I will put to you three questions, and in their answering, we will find indication of the meditation to be given to you later.

  1. What do you understand by the thought of the Presence?
    Of whom and what is this Presence?
  2. What is it that prevents contact with that Presence and hinders you from standing in its light?
  3. Can you draw up a technique of meditation which will be for you the way into the Presence?

Answer these three questions and realize that for you the contact with that Presence - consciously and with understanding of the process - is the goal for the remainder of your life experience in this particular body. I seek for no mystical understanding. That type of theoretical understanding is the heritage of most aspirants. They have the vision of this contact. I seek a definite comprehension and I give you the clue to the work in the following sentences which (if subjected to due thought) may induce revelation.

"Duality is visioned by the seer. He sees the Presence. He sees, and seeing knows that he exists and likewise that which is seen."
"The knower blends the two in one. He sees the Presence as himself. He merges with its light. Behind the Presence gleams that awful radiance which shrouds the One and Only. Before the Presence stands the aspirant. Within the Presence, through the merging process, is peace, is union, the end of fear, the end of difference, joy, love and light."

Your meditation, therefore, is to be along these lines. The form you can draw up yourself during the next few months. The theme will emerge in your consciousness if you move slowly, ponder deeply and feel no sense of pressure. Revelation will come through quiet thought and daily brooding.

May I close this message to you with the simple words: Please be happy, my brother. [390]

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