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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.P.R.
February 1939


I am not analyzing your personality forces, particularly your astral force as I had suggested doing, because I gave you a sufficiently complete analysis in my last instruction. What I there indicated is all you need at this time. Later, I may perhaps elaborate, but at present you have all you need to know in order to carry on satisfactorily. In humility and in strength to love lies your release, my brother, and this I know you realize.

This year has been one of supreme difficulty, has it not, and the end is not immediate. One of the major lessons which all disciples have to master before initiation becomes possible, is that of steady persistence in the face of all that seeks to produce difficulty. Your personal problem is enhanced and becomes exceedingly complex because of the reactions of your immediate associates and your strenuous endeavor to lift all that you possibly can off their shoulders. It becomes, therefore, a lesson in group activity and hence most valuable. Lift not too much, my brother. It is the right of their souls to learn the same lessons as you have had to learn and an over-pitiful heart is not always the most helpful of possessions. A loving heart is always helpful. You learnt much in your past incarnation along this line and learnt satisfactorily. Take not away from others this right to stand alone by too great a display of that shielding love which your powerful astral body so easily and so selflessly can express. Let them stand up to the issues of the soul which are brought to their attention through the medium of the material [405] lesson, and thus enable them to enter upon their next life better equipped to love, to work and to live unselfishly.

Your one way out is to be focused constantly in the soul, remembering that, as you achieve this alignment and contact, the soul has its major point of contact with your personality, via your astral body. This is for you a blessing, even when it constitutes a problem. Perhaps you will grasp what I am seeking to convey to you if I say that this relation was established by the intelligent will of your soul in order to stiffen your astral reactions with first ray energy and color them with that detached and isolated strength which is the main characteristic of the first ray. The intent was to make you strong in what had been your weakest point. Detachment, strongly felt in love (for forget not that the first ray is only the first subray of the great cosmic ray of Love) is the factor which will bring release and understanding, not only to you but to all around you. The aspect of devotion which the astral body so easily expresses must be transmuted into detached but selfless love. Remember that true love has sometimes to stand aside and look on peacefully whilst others learn their lessons - a thing hard indeed for you to do, brother of mine.

All I would ask you to do along the line of meditation is a simple voiced act of consecration to the service of the soul which is, in the last analysis, the service of humanity and of the Hierarchy. Such is the sequence. Do this prior to participating in the group meditation. Let the personality identify itself with the soul, detaching itself deliberately from all other contacts, by an act of the will and (from that point on) let the soul respond by sounding the O.M. three times as it "takes possession" of the personality for service.

You think with clarity, my brother, when the emotions of others do not overwhelm you and sweep your astral body into unison with theirs. Refuse then to be overwhelmed and regard not yourself as failing in some respect when others fail to meet the issues as they should. The reactions of others are not your responsibility. It is your responsibility to give them strength and detachment. Shoulder not, therefore, responsibilities which are not yours. This is one of the hardest lessons an initiate has to learn before he can be admitted as an active worker into the Hierarchy of Love. [406]

Life holds for you fresh changes. Be not dismayed, for those changes indicate an open door and a wider field for loving service.

NOTE: This disciple stands steady in the Tibetan's Ashram.

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