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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - G.S.S.
To  G. S. S.

March 1931


I take up definite work with you in a spirit of expectancy because of your real sensitivity. I take it up also with a recognition that as we work together we must proceed with due care and real caution. We must work definitely and deliberately with a technique which will eventuate in sound foundations.

You are in this group for two reasons: First, your enthusiastic endeavor and the adjustments which your soul has forced you to make in your daily life attracted my attention and earned for you the right to a more specialized and individual training. Secondly, you possess a definite gift of healing and this must be cultivated, because it is consecrated and because it holds for you the secret of your real field of service.

One of the first questions you would ask me if we stood face to face would be: What is the thing I need most? What must I do in order to be released to greater service and deeper understanding? I would say to you in all earnestness, my brother, that for you will come an increased expansion of consciousness as you learn to conserve energy and rightly to utilize time. You are a good conductor of force and of the pranic elements and through you unimpeded (relatively speaking) soul force can flow. But, as yet, it serves only to intensify the atoms of your body and head, and to make a violent impact upon all those with whom you are associated. It works out in a form of benevolent dominance, and drives you before it, rather than being utilized by you. Therefore, you have to learn to use the inflowing force, and to turn it into constructive channels. You need to be more occupied with those whom you can help, than with your own reactions - both good and bad. Surrounding you, in your own setting and among those familiar to you, are many [407] whom you could help and release. They fear you, however, and fear what you have because of the forcefulness of your approach to them; they hide their true need for fear that you touch them with too powerful a hand. You are too occupied with the mental formulations of that which you know to be true and with a precise statement of that which is so precious to you; and you have not, therefore, given the needed time and the heart of love to the deep need of those you meet - of everyone you meet, my brother. All need love and understanding, and this they need more than clearly enunciated occult truths, no matter how true or wonderful. Give them love and understanding. The importation of the Ageless Wisdom will come later and naturally when you have proved to them that you "stand in spiritual being."

For you, there must now be a period of steadfast stabilizing of that which has been acquired, and a gentle outgoing to your world of friends. Let them reveal themselves to you. They will, when patient loving gentleness meets them all the time. Inclusiveness must take the place of your sixth ray one-pointedness, for that one-pointedness has in it the quality of piercing, and this focused work you have carried forward long enough. Your sixth ray has also given you a sensitive emotional nature which means a solar plexus too active in its functioning. This you know well. Upon this, the heart quality must supervene. More I will give you later, but the above hints will give you that which you need, if you ponder duly upon my words, and resent not what I say. My problem is to train each of you so that you serve the group without personality hindrances and separateness...

The work of this particular group cannot really begin until the personalities of the members are subordinated to group purpose, and trained to be pure channels. This is a great objective, my brother, therefore, be not discouraged, but work, live and above all, love.

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