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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.H.B.
March 1935

You have had a time of difficulty, my brother. Such times are growing times and serve to train the disciple. The deeper the capacity for usefulness and the deeper the inner conservation, the more severe will oft be the disciplining. You received a tremendous stimulation during the Conference and it resulted in an inner reorganization of your subtle bodies, locating for you also those points by which glamor could enter. This is of value. Whilst this kind of activity is transpiring, there is usually produced such an intense activity of the inner bodily forces (that are the battleground of a man's own nature) that the aspirant is temporarily submerged by these forces and by the [419] reaction produced in his own environment. Frequently he can scarcely keep his head above the water (a neat, occult phrase, my brother, and one most applicable to your own experience during the past six months). Two planks of the raft on which the disciple eventually makes his escape can be called service and patience. By a close attention to the needs of his fellowmen and by means of that uncomplaining endurance which is the hall mark of the disciple, he brings to an end the time of difficulty and emerges thence freer, richer and more useful. There come times in the life of every true aspirant when he simply continues to persevere, no matter how disinclined he may feel and no matter how acute may be the inner turmoil.

You are emerging from the condition of difficulty and you are facing - as a result - a life of fuller service and of deepened understanding of others. Freedom from difficulty will never be your lot. Would you have it otherwise? Loneliness grows as the aspirant detaches himself from the world of souls. There comes ever an interlude wherein the disciple senses an intense seeming isolation, but it is only an illusion. You know that you are not alone. You know well how rich your life is today, and how strengthened each and all of you are through contact with your brothers.

I have not much to say to you. You are coming closer to your Master; the greatest help that I can give you at this time is to tell you this. You have the persistence and the will (like tempered steel) of the second ray, and you can dismiss all fear as to your capacity to transcend the difficulties or to make your grade. Nothing can stop you.

Your work in the group and your power in relation to it consists in your compassionate comprehension. You must act in the group for that aspect of the soul which expresses itself in understanding; that quality you can transmit. Be of good courage, my brother, and lose yourself in service.

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