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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.H.B.
October 1935


One of the main things which I have to do for you at this time is to give you the kind of meditation which is needed. it [420] should be one that will break down any tendency to crystallize which may be making its presence felt in your mental body, and so keep you free and plastically ready for use.

You have been subjected lately to three things:

  1. A tremendous stimulation, as a result of the Wesak Festival.
  2. A good deal of immediate environing testing.
  3. An increased and increasing field of service.

The first has greatly expanded your mental body. The second has swept your emotional nature into a somewhat subdued tempest. The third has had a dual effect: it has served to show you the futility of glamor and that which you despondingly think is not glamor. It has also fanned into activity a few hidden seeds of self-satisfaction, which still remain in your subconscious mind. I am speaking plainly for you are a worthwhile chela and capable of much service in the world and, for you, individual sensitivity to correction and to suggestion, should have no place. I realize that this is also your point of view and that hence I can speak with frankness.

As I look at you, my brother, and study your aura, I ask myself, what are the two things which you most need at this time? By this I mean: What two things, dealt with at this time, would give you the maximum measure of release and so increase your power in service? There is, first of all, an increased reticence in thought anent your environing conditions. This involves two subsidiary factors: firstly, freedom from criticism of those with whom you are daily associated, and silence as to yourself. Ponder on this, for in its practice lies for you much liberation. Secondly, the cultivation of a spirit of happiness, of joy - which is based on an inner assurance as to the Plan and your future work in relation to it.

You are at a critical point in your career as a disciple. The present, rightly handled, will open up for you new fields of service. This, however, will only be the case if you adjust in yourself those weaknesses of character which call for reticence and joy as their remedying agents. There is for you at this time no immediate drastic action or change. You are temporarily [421] marking time, but you can steadily increase the tempo or rate of vibration and so be ready to proffer fuller service and emerge into fuller usefulness; or you can continue marking time - adequately and usefully - and make no further definite progress for some while. Yet reticence (which is after all conservation of energy) and joy (which produces right magnetism) will inevitably quickly "speed you on your way."

You will note that I have been lately using the phrase the "lighted Way" in many of my communications. This is because I am seeking to evoke in all my disciples the recognition that the light which is in each and all of you will, and can, and oft-times does, light your path of life.

The meditation which I would give you has in it these two thoughts of silence and joy, for these, rightly fostered, mean strength conserved and magnetic service. Continue the breathing exercise as heretofore, and then proceed as follows:

  1. Withdraw your outgoing consciousness from the periphery to the point of silence within the head, to the place where the "gold and the blue meet, blend and merge."
  2. Then endeavor to feel that utter silence. When you have entered into it and are aware of it, then
  3. From that point send forth blessing
    a.To your immediate circle of family and friends.
    b.To your co-disciples.
    c.To your group of students.
    d.To the outer world.
    e.To me, your Tibetan Brother.
    f. To the New Group of World Servers.
    g.To the Hierarchy.
  4. Then visualizing a vivid golden yellow, ponder on the true significance, value and reward of silence.
  5. Next, visualizing a vivid electric blue, ponder on the true significance, value and reward of joy.
  6. Sound the OM three times audibly, with the thought in mind as you sound it, of
    a.The cleansing of the aura.
    b.The silencing of all discords.
    c.The expression of joy. [422]

I would like also to suggest an interlinking (which you should keep in mind, and which will constitute a service to me and to the group) of four people whose names will be sent to you.

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