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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.H.B.
February 1936


The past six months have been for you months of battle - a battle with glamor, with a tired and worn body, as well as with environment and home conditions. You have indeed had a battle with your entire lower integrated personality. The Path of Purification, like a silver thread, runs through the golden path of Discipleship. The cleansing of the personality and the attaining of more light upon one's way is ever the preparation for increased and more adequate service. It appears to me, an older brother on the Way, that the law of non-resistance holds for you the promise of success. Just stand with steadfastness, my brother, and let the turmoil of life and the noise of affairs pass over you unheeded. Establish within yourself a point of quiet and learn to retreat there and, in forgetfulness of outer happenings, live the life of spiritual tranquility. The words, detachment and service, have for you much real and deep meaning, but perhaps their very familiarity, as expressions of your spiritual objectives, militates somewhat against their usefulness. Joy and tranquility are the two words that I would seek to add to the content of your thought. Joy is one that I have already called to your attention. The other, tranquility, I seek to see interjected now into your life. There is little else that I need to say to you at this time. You know; you need no telling but, like all pledged disciples, you need interludes of stabilization before passing on to greater knowledge.

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