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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.H.B.
September 1937


I have much to say to you today but it must be said in a short space of time. Study, therefore, my words with an awakened intuition and with a glad willingness to learn. You have already received an exceedingly brief line which I do not wish to be incorporated in any book, having for you much understanding and a recognition of your sensitivity. There is no need for others to read it. It is in connection with this very sensitivity of yours that I seek to speak today for I think that I may thereby be of help and save you much future difficulty. That is, my brother, if you accept what I say and let not any reaction to spiritual pride negate the import of my words.

In my last Instruction to you, I pointed out the three realities in time, space and this incarnation, which you have to face. I warned you against the deep sense of inferiority which sometimes handicaps your life expression. I told you to dwell more constantly in the light which streams from the face of the Angel of the Presence. This you have sought to do. But you forgot one thing and this has come powerfully to light. The light which streams from the "face of the Angel" (which is the face of the soul), reveals. How does it reveal, my brother? It reveals by bringing to the surface the hidden things, and the germs of weaknesses, thus revealing defects and liability. I would here point out that when this happens, the sum total of that which is revealed can contribute a glamor, a rising fog, a miasma of poisonous nature. It is like the effect of a dawning sun in the early morning on a hot day which draws upwards the mists and thus temporarily forms a fog between itself and the earth. Such was your case. The fog is fast dissipating for, as I said, its appearance is only temporary. [427]

Two questions I will ask you here, which I shall not answer for you but which, if answered by you with truth and in the presence of the Angel, will serve to dissipate the last traces of this glamor. I have told you that "the expression of a loving understanding heart" was the goal that you must set yourself. Has this loving understanding been your outstanding quality this last half year? Secondly, is there a possibility that there has been (unrealized by you) an emergence of the spiritual pride which you were so fast overcoming? Certain knowledges that have come to you from me might tend to foster that pride if exceeding watchfulness were not your major care.

One other point I would seek to make. You have a very frail and delicate body and the force of the Angel pouring through it will always produce in you quicker reactions than in the average person. Recognize these evoked reactions and then pass on. Waste not time in too close a self-analysis, or in the agonies of disappointment. Forget not what you have been told of the goal which you may set yourself and pass on.

Let me tell you the rays of your threefold lower nature. It is needless for me to remind you that your soul ray is the second and your personality ray is the sixth.

Your mental body is on the first ray, and I think if you will study this with care, much of your present problem will become clear to you.

Your astral body is also governed by the first ray. This is an exception to the general rule that the second and sixth rays govern the astral bodies of all humanity. This rule varies occasionally in the case of disciples. This combination of a first ray mental body and a first ray astral body is interesting and provides you with a definitely difficult problem, for the necessity to balance and to achieve equilibrium, is enhanced in your case. However, it also makes possible an easier control of the astral body by the mind, if you so choose - and you do.

The ray of your physical body is the seventh. This I presume you have already guessed. Your rays therefore are:

  1. The soul ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.
  2. The personality ray - the sixth Ray of Devotion. Idealism.
  3. The mental body - the first Ray of Will or Power. [428]
  4. The astral body - the first Ray of Will or Power.
  5. The physical body - the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic.

One of the interesting things to be noted (as one studies your ray tendencies) is that all your three bodies are on the line of 1-3-5-7, yet your personality ray is on the 6th, on the line of 2-4-6. Why is this? The reason is that the control of your soul is, in this incarnation, of sufficient power to evoke a reaction in all the three vehicles of the personality, and the sixth subray of each of the governing rays of the three bodies is so active that it becomes a dominating factor. Hence you have a sixth ray personality.

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