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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.H.B.
February 1938


I have for three months been seeking a closer contact with you and perhaps of this you are aware. The unit of disciples with which you are affiliated has always interested me, due to the importance of its task, and because of the personnel of the group and their individual problems. In spite of changes and difficulties, a group of you within this group have stood steadily from the very start despite the difficulties interjected by the defection of certain members and the constant state of glamor in which another brother is habitually to be found; yet, in spite of these changes and difficulties, the group persists and moves forward in strength. There is no need for discouragement. You, my brother, have done your full share in the preservation of group integrity; I should like to take this opportunity to tender to you my gratitude for your unfailing cooperation, undertaken in the face of physical liability, home difficulties, personal glamor and deep depression. No matter what has been eventuating in your personal life and environment, you have stood with steadfastness and have thereby won much for your group.

It is not often that I thus commend a brother. More often have I chided or indicated place for improvement and in no case have I ever over-praised. But I seek today to indicate that your steady service has been noted and I assure you that progress has been made by you. [429]

One hint I would give you also for your encouragement: Much that is regarded by you as faulty and wrong, much that seems to you of hindrance to your group, much of the depression and of glamor in your life has a purely physical or physiological reason and is, therefore, upon the plane of superficiality. It leaves the real inner man untouched and leaves your influence, consequently, free to work and move among your brothers. Ponder on this, for it should bring you renewed assurance of the Plan and of your part in it. Live, therefore, always above your physical body, ignoring how you feel and seeking to dwell as far as is possible, with your waking consciousness blended and fused with that of the soul. Even if you feel it not, then know that it is there.

I wonder, my brother, if it is possible for me to indicate to you the life of spiritual insulation which is in no way the life of personal isolation? In this state of "insulated being" lies, for you, the solution of many of your problems. This insulation is brought about by emotional indifference to your environment and to people, but it is a spiritual indifference, founded on spiritual detachment and dispassion. When it is present, there comes the fulfilment of obligation and the performance of duty, but no identification with people or circumstance. The soul stands free, unattached, unafraid, and is not controlled by that which exists in the three worlds. This is the true spiritual indifference and - for your own release and for greater usefulness in service - I would have you meditate on indifference, during the coming six months as the method to be followed, in order to produce spiritual insulation. I give you no other theme for meditation and no set form. I would suggest that each morning, when you awaken, that you give five minutes to an intensive consideration of spiritual insulation, after a brief alignment and dedication, and that throughout the day you brood and reflect upon this theme. Then at night, or earlier in the evening if more suitable, use divine indifference as a theme for review.

Will you sometime summarize what you have learnt on "Spiritual insulation through indifference," writing a paper upon the subject for the helping of others? This constitutes my only assignment of work to you. [430]

Your first ray mental body should definitely aid you in this work, provided you ever bear in mind that insulation does not mean isolation and that indifference does not connote an attitude of cold detached separateness. Your first ray mental body forms a good cooperating point for your second ray soul and this too would I have you bear in mind. It gives you the strength of will to persist, and it should also give you the strength of will to understand, not only the laws of life, but people and their need of love.

  1. Your soul expresses its energy through your mental body.
  2. Your personality force is focused in your astral body.

This year, my brother, should see much growth, for you have learnt and mastered much already.

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