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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.H.B.
February 1939


I would like, first of all, to point out that this newly opened door for service has been earned by you, by your strenuous effort to meet the requirements of your soul and to subordinate your personality to these demands. You have made much progress along this line and will find release and the reward of opportunities to serve in this new development which has come your way. Shoulder it lightly, my brother, remembering that it is your task to set things in motion and to aid others by your poise and your wisdom so that they can carry on. Let not the glamor of time, of sensed need and of feverish activity descend upon you. Your task is to fill the hours of other people with indicated service, which is suggested and outlined by you; it is to meet the needs, one by one, as they arise but not to meet all the need at once. You must build for the immediate future and should engineer those controlled activities which will demonstrate success because they work through from the mental plane, via the world of evoked desire, and so into physical plane manifestation. This process you must demonstrate. Therefore, work through others, this is the way the Hierarchy works, [433] watching and suggesting and developing the innate faculty of prevision - a thing which you can easily do. This faculty is being developed in the race of men through the foresight required in meeting business needs. Train others to do the detailed work and work yourself behind the scenes - as we work.

You have made such a close study and analysis of your rays that there is no need for me to elaborate the theme. You have studied them in the light of your soul and have grasped the peculiar danger inherent in your two first ray personality vehicles. They are a real source of difficulty if not mellowed and motivated by a loving spirit and qualified by that divine indifference, the acquiring of which has been your major lesson this life.

Be of good cheer, brother of mine. You are needed by us.

NOTE: This disciple has never wavered from his determination to work in the Tibetan's group and is there actively engaged.

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