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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - P.D.W.
To  P. D. W.

January 1936


With patience you have handled life. Your moments of deep depression (mounting at times in the past almost to crises of despair), are well nigh over. You are becoming more and more immersed in the service of your fellowmen, and are drawing closer to the goal which has been set you.

One of the problems which all sincere disciples have to solve is to learn to live as if the physical body did not exist. By that I mean that its limitations and the hindrances which it imposes upon the expression of the free, spiritual consciousness are negated by an inner attitude of mind. It is the cultivation of a detached attitude to life and to circumstances which has constituted your major lesson in this particular incarnation. You are learning it. With a sense of inner freedom, you must learn to function as a Messenger, despite all handicaps and the demands of a physical vehicle, too frail really to handle the force [434] which must flow through. Some people, my brother, are so constituted that they become servers and centers of light publicly before their fellow men. Their influence and their power are great. Others work (with equal power) from a quiet center of relative retirement, and they wield, if I may again repeat myself, an equal force. For them comes the practice of that spiritual discrimination which does not separate, and yet which wisely chooses where the available strength, effort and light must be placed. Put your strength and light behind that of the workers who serve the Hierarchy upon the open battlefield of life. That is my word for you this day. Let the workers and those who wield influence find in you an understanding comrade, and, withal, one who knows. In the heat and pressure of the fight and the fatigue incident to the strain of active service for the Hierarchy, let them feel that in you they have someone to whom they can turn - detached and consecrated. Let them find in you someone whose eyes see clearly because they are not dimmed by the fog and smoke of the outer world battle. Such is your service, and for it I ask on behalf of those who (as time elapses) I shall send to you. Watch for them; recognize them and help them. This I can trust you to do.

I have given some thought to exercises which may aid you and some measured consideration to your meditation work. I have kept you waiting for your personal instructions, because you were capable of carrying on the process of integration alone and unaided, and it is always better so. I have decided to give you no breathing exercises for the space of six months, but I will ask you to do two things: First, lay the emphasis of your attention upon the full moon work. Prepare for the work to be done at that time throughout the entire month, working with deliberation and scientifically each day with the thought in your mind of those five climaxing days of esoteric work each month. Build towards the full moon moment, when, in company with your fellow disciples, you make your "approach" and can be the recipient of certain forces which you must learn to wield. Will you shoulder responsibility in connection with a certain piece of work? You will know to what I refer. Secondly: Follow each day the meditation outlined below, keeping careful record of all that may transpire. At the end of six months, [435] prepare a digest of your spiritual diary and an analysis of progress and of events. This need not be seen by anyone unless you so desire. But keep the diary and analyze results.

The meditation work and thoughts suggested are to preface the group meditation which I would be glad to have you do, along with your group brothers. After due composure and a clearing of the mind in any manner which may be to you familiar and adequate then proceed as indicated...

The following seed thoughts can be used by you in your meditation, if you so desire:

  • 1st month - Joy - Like a bird on the wing, I fly towards the sun. I sing in my soul so that all I meet can hear.
  • 2nd month - Strength - Like an ox that is yoked to its fellow, I carry the load of life. Yet I am not alone. With my brothers and Master, I share the load.
  • 3rd month - Impulse - Like a child that calls forth the love of those around, I too evoke the love of my brothers. That love I render back, unthinking and unattached.
  • 4th month - Power - Like a cistern that gathers and stores that which is needed by man, the water of life that nourishes, I, too, store that which is needed by others. I store not for myself. Power is needed for their work; therefore I gather and store, seeking the source of supply.
  • 5th month - Beauty - Color is mine. I claim it for my own, for color and quality are one. Yet I share with my fellows.
  • 6th month - Understanding - Sorrow is mine, but it is the fruitful seed of wisdom. Like a sage, I endure and garner the fruit of wisdom for others.

I add no more to the above outline of meditation. Incorporate the group meditation and any work that you yourself choose to do. Only one thing I ask: At each meditation, pour out love and wisdom on your group brothers, making your link with your soul, with me, and with the group, and regard yourself only as a channel through which help may come. My blessing rests upon you. [436]

Your rays are as follows:

  • The egoic ray - ray 2, the Ray of Love-Wisdom.
  • The personality ray - ray 6, the Ray of Devotion, of Idealism.

In your last life your personality ray was the first, which fact may explain much to you anent your reactions in this life.

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