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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.I.J.
February 1937


You are entering upon a new cycle of life and of usefulness. You stand on the verge of opportunity and yet you seem to recognize it not. You are ready for complete service and yet you hide yourself away from it. You have the capacity and the time, could you but grasp it, and likewise the needed physical strength to be an active focal point for us and yet you hold back in your mind and consciousness and seem to realize it not. I have put the truth thus bluntly to you, for you are a strong and pledged disciple, and you do not fear the knowledge of reality.

You have passed across the burning ground and now it lies behind you, but the smoke which hovers round it still obscures your vision. Pass on with rapidity into the clear light of day and leave behind remembrance of pain, of the heart-searching and the problems and - lifting your face to the light - for the remainder of this earthly way be a tower of strength and a radiant light to others. This you can do.

If I could summarize my thought for you, my brother, I would clothe it in words of great simplicity and would say to you: Be happy. Be happy as the sannyasin is happy who (through detachment from the little self and attachment to the greater Self in all) has left behind all that might hinder and hamper his service. Henceforth, you belong not to yourself or to any earthly friend or claim. You belong to the servers of humanity and to us. [465]

I give you no particular meditation to do these next six months. Occupy yourself with the group meditation and with the Full Moon Contact. These are for you of greater usefulness than the personal daily meditation. For you, they constitute your major service. My instructions to all the group members have been brief this time. I gave you all much in my last communication and not yet have you assimilated all that I gave. Study the messages again, all of you, and see anew in the light of the new year and fresh day of opportunity.

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