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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.I.J.
September 1937


A very difficult half year has gone by for you. You have come through it, and it is with commendation that I look at you today. That is all that I have to say, I am pleased. I know that for you that suffices. If you stand steady with an open heart, a seeing eye and a ready response to all who come your way, the door to renewed service will open and much can be done by you. My brother, you have the power to help individuals, and you have an unusual capacity to fan a dim spark into a white-hot flame. Do not distrust yourself, but go ahead. Your field of service lies all around you.

The problem that has to be faced by all who have passed through the fires of Renunciation, who are walking the way of humility whilst conscious of the grandeur of the soul, and who are, at the same time, far from young in years is that of facing the last decade or so of life with understanding, and with no fear of physical limitations. So many in the final years of life live, think and act in such a manner that the soul withdraws its attention. Thus only the personality remains. To all of you who have passed the half century I would say: Face the future with the same joy as in youth, yet with an added usefulness, knowing that the wisdom of experience is yours, the power to understand is yours, and that no physical limitation can prevent a soul from useful expression and service. I would remind you of something which is often forgotten: It is far easier for the soul to express itself through an older experienced body than through one that is young and inexperienced, provided [466] that there is no pride and no desired selfishness, but only longing to love and serve. These are your desires and the future holds for you much service.

It will be of interest to you now if I tell you of the rays which govern the lower self.

Your mental body is governed by the fourth ray, and if you study this the reasons for many of your life reactions will become apparent to you. There is little of the first ray line of energy 1-3-5-7 in your equipment, but almost an over-balance of the second ray line 2-4-6. You will note that all these three appear in your equipment.

This condition is still further complicated by the fact that you have a first ray astral body. This is again an exception to the usual rule. In the case of the disciple who is occupied with some particular rounding-out process this exception does occur, and the first ray personality of your last incarnation left you the legacy of a first ray astral body in this. Therefore, in this particular life, you have a very difficult task and a complicated problem because (if I might so crudely express it) there is in you too much of the second ray.

To aid in the process of balancing and offsetting the danger, your soul chose a seventh ray physical body. This is of real assistance to you and helps in the synthesis of the two lines of energy. Your rays therefore are:

  1. The soul ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.
  2. The personality ray - the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism.
  3. The ray of the mental body - the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.
  4. The ray of the astral body - the first Ray of Will or Power.
  5. The ray of the physical body - the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order.

I would ask you to follow the meditation and continue with the breathing exercises that you are now doing. There is no need at this time to change what I last gave you. During the half year ahead I would counsel you particularly to give much time and attention to the Full Moon Approach. I would also like to assign you a special task which will be of value to [467] you, to your group brothers and to others. Will you gather out of all that I have given in my books, everything that has been said about the Full Moon. There is no need, however, to give long extracts or to copy out my detailed instructions of the Buddha's Full Moon in May. I want you to gather together out of those long instructions and from many isolated passages the reasons:

  1. For the importance of the Full Moon.
  2. What should be done and happen at the time of the Full Moon.
  3. Any information that you may find of the cause of the spiritual opportunity.
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