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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.I.J.
February 1938


In these instructions I have given my disciples much information re the fourth ray, for so many of them have fourth ray mentalities. This is not a very usual state of affairs at this time and is one of the major reasons for their being chosen to form part of this group. The possession of a fourth ray mind is an essential factor in my planned work and I would have you ponder deeply on this fact. You have, outstandingly, this type of mind, and it is going to be of real service to your group if you will learn to focus yourself there more easily and, shall I say, more frequently. Your personality ray is naturally very dominant and should give you power upon the astral plane - the plane of your chosen work. But this attitude must be balanced by the attitudes of the fourth ray mind. I would like here to point out that

  1. Your soul ray seeks expression through your astral body.
  2. Your personality ray is focused in your seventh ray brain.

If you will think out these imparted facts with care, you will see that the bringing together of the personality ray and the ray governing your physical body presents you with a very definite problem. It produces an over-interest and over emphasis upon the form side of manifestation and group expression. This leads to a devotion to the known forms. It is this [468] focusing of your personality ray which is the psychic cause of the headaches to which you have been prone. Mistake me not here, my brother. I do not say that you have undue interest in form as it affects your personality. You are definitely the observer and "look out upon a world distressed." Your ray combinations lead to a quick reaction to the existent forms instead of leading to a long range vision of the Plan, such as your soul ray can give. You need increasingly to focus yourself in the soul and less and less in the personality consciousness. This will produce the expression of love through devotion to all men as souls, and not of devotion to forms and methods which your personality ray approves.

Your service is, as I earlier pointed out to you, the task of "lifting" individuals and clearing away the problems which confront them. Increasingly, you must also stand with your group, giving them the knowledge which is so abundantly yours. You have a few personal glamors, but they are not of the kind which hurt your group. You see with clarity the outlines of the task ahead to which the group is dedicated. For long you have tried to help L. T. S-K. to free himself from the rhythm of his glamors. Will you continue still a little while the effort to help him, writing to him in frankness and standing by him in love?

The group meditation is of importance to you and to all the group, for it holds in it the seeds of group integration. Continue, therefore, with it. I give you, however, a brief morning exercise to be done prior to the group meditation.

  1. After achieving alignment, inner poise and rest, see each of your co-disciples (whom you may know) in the light.
  2. Then visualize them each with a star between the eyebrows, as the symbol of an awakened ajna center and of an integrated personality. It is a four-pointed star. The star of initiation is, as you know, a five-pointed star.
  3. Then say something to each of your brothers, after due effort to link up with them. Study the ideas which give utterance to your words and note, in writing, their general import.
  4. Then rise, and going to the window, send out love and light to those who guide the destinies of men upon the [469] earth (I refer not to the Hierarchy) in London, Leningrad, Washington, Berlin, Geneva and in Rome. Do this with as much love as you can and without much thought, for thought can be separate and critical where there is not adequate knowledge. This is an initial part of the technique of dissipating group glamor.
  5. Then sound the O. M., raising your consciousness and coming as close to the Hierarchy as possible.
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