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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.I.J.
February 1939


This last year has not been an easy one for you any more than it has been for your group brothers. Each and all have had a most difficult time. Your problems have been psychological far more than physical; they are relatively simple in definition, though hard to solve. Perhaps I could express what I have to say best by remarking that the main part of your difficulties has been a wrestling with bewilderment - a bewilderment which is not a glamor but which could easily become one if your soul were not so constantly and definitely guiding, controlling and leading you away from the more pronounced glamors of which it could be the tiny seed. Bewilderment is a state of incipient glamor. The way out for you is not to concern yourself with the world problem which is too great for you to handle. The entire planetary Hierarchy is concerned with it and is seeking a solution. Yet the plans for the world of humanity are materializing and maturing; the world situation is moving ahead with such rapidity that the average aspirant and intelligent man has no sooner adjusted himself to certain conditions or to a particular attitude of thought and mind (which he with real difficulty has assumed), when sudden changes occur and the work - as far as he is concerned - has to be repeated.

So, my brother, stand controlled at the center, permitting your soul to pour its illumination and its love through you and out into your environment, remembering that all men are your brothers. This is a statement of fact, e'en if it is a platitude. Remember also that in the setting where your personality stands at this time is the place where you will have to make your soul [470] impact; it is not upon the world in general. To meet world need and solve world problems is not your dharma. The world cannot be helped on a large scale by any one individual unless there has been complete release from all selfish intent, from all blind personality decisions, and from all belief that crystallized views are right, particularly when such views are unduly conditioned by environment, background, tradition and a myopic point of view.

So, brother of mine, release your thoughts from all that limits your love (from all, I repeat) and love widely, generally, impartially and intelligently.

I would have you note that the rays governing D. H. B. and J. S. P. very closely resemble yours. You have all three got the same soul ray, and the same ray governing the physical body. This should bring the three of you particularly close together; I would call this to your attention and ask you to stand with each other in the closest relation. You can form a triangle of spiritual force which should be of real value to the group and greatly facilitate the planned group work. Correspond with each other and stand by each other in love. All three of you have much with which to contend, but both the others have far more to contend with than you have. Therefore, be to them a tower of strength and let them draw from you what they need of love and understanding.

I would have you continue with the exercise I gave you in your last instruction. As a preparatory exercise for the group meditation, it will prove effective for it is along the same general line, only in the group meditation the work is more specific and focused.

The factor which will produce increasing integration between the soul and the personality, in the case of D. H. B. and .I. S. P. and yourself, is the attainment of the power to love with purity, with no sense of distinction, and with that love which the Eternal One shows - poured out alike upon all and not biased in any way by the temporal activities of man. This must be based on long vision, and the power to release yourself from the thought-form-making faculty of the mind. In your case this faculty is swept into activity by emotion. Guard your emotional body with peculiar care during the coming year. Let not anything [471] thing upset your equilibrium or cloud your vision of reality. And my brother, be happy. Learn to feel joy - a joy which is based on the knowledge that humanity has always triumphed and passed onward and forward in spite of apparent failures and the destruction of past civilizations; a joy, which is founded upon the unshakable belief that all men are souls, and that "points of crisis" are factors which are of proven usefulness in calling in the power of that soul, both in the individual man, in a race, or in humanity as a whole; a joy which is related to the bliss which characterizes the soul on its own level whereon the form aspects of manifestation do not dominate. Ponder on these thoughts and remember you are grounded in the center of your Being and can, therefore, see the world truly and with no limited vision; you can stand unperturbed, knowing the end from the beginning and realizing that love will triumph.

God guard and rest you and increase fourfold your usefulness. Such is my prayer for you.

NOTE: This disciple still persists in his endeavor to work in the Tibetan's Ashram and remains steadfast and sure.

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