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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.U.T.
To  L. U. T.

October 1932


You face real opportunity and can make real progress, if you so desire. You are considerably younger than some in my group of disciples and have, therefore, less background and more undeveloped resources. You have passed and are passing through a hard experience and out of this you are not getting the full benefit. The reason for this is that you have built a shell around yourself owing to a natural sensitivity which - as a child and in your youth - caused you to protect yourself in this manner. Another reason for your failure to get all you might out of the present experience is the inordinate pride of the Taurus individual, who is on the first ray where his personality is concerned.

Will you let me speak with clarity, my brother? I believe in your sincerity and determination, but I have questioned your capacity to make progress in this life. It was, however, your [472] karmic due to have this opportunity offered to you. The doubt in my mind arose from my knowledge of the two tendencies in you which have hitherto held you back from the lighted Way.

One is a stubborn determination to go your own way and handle situations as you choose, e'en when others suffer through your so doing. You go bull-headed through life, knocking down and hurting as you go. This you know full well. You stop not to right or to adjust wrong action, e'en when you recognize it as wrong. The second is a tendency of thought and action which must be cleaned up before you can pass through the doors of purification which hide the door of Initiation. More about this hindering activity I need not say, for you know well I whereof I speak. I offer you the way out in four simple rules:

  1. Clean up your thought life. I shall not be more explicit. Again I say: You know whereof I speak.
  2. Eliminate self-pity. All that comes to you is the working of the law and offers opportunity. Cultivate happiness through understanding. I mean not jocoseness and jollity.
  3. Think lovingly of all and, when you have hurt anyone, right the wrong immediately and go forward with humility.
  4. Demonstrate will in action and live up to your own high moments. This takes effort. You are stubborn but your will is weak.

As regards the work that you now should do, I would say: Drop all meditation which you may now be doing and concentrate on these four rules. Learn to know the soul as purity, as bliss, as love and as power in service. Do not reflect on the needs of the personality or on its lacks and defects. You need the mystic vision far more than the occult method just now. The keeping of a spiritual diary is of real importance to you. Learn to keep these four rules and note each day their fulfilment or non-fulfilment with careful analysis. In a few months you should be able to note definite change and then can begin meditation along occult lines. Learn to express yourself quite fully in your diary, for you need to find an outlet in this way. [473]

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