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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.U.T.
August 1933


Still for you I have no changed word. Go forward as you arc now doing and continue to focus your attention upon the four rules I earlier gave you. You have, as I have told you, made progress and a little longer work along the established lines will see you breaking - past recovery - old thought habits and ancient forms.

Be not discouraged because I am making no change in your work. The task you undertook was a hard one and the effectiveness of sustained effort and reiterated endeavor is adequate. Why then employ a different tool when the one to hand is effective and clean? I will, however, make one suggestion: Work more carefully with individuals, with people you meet, with your friends in the same line of thought and with your co-disciples. Give them, in love, more of yourself. You have more to give than two years ago. Give of what you have gained and lose yourself in active service. Work more intensively, therefore, from the day you receive this communication from me.

One hint I will give you as to your personal concern over the little daughter. Be not unduly concerned as to her unfoldment. Let not your anxiety for her to measure up to your ideal force her to tread a way which is one that you desire. She also [474] is a soul and has her own path to go. Your part is to love without a change, no matter what occurs. Take her each day into the light and, by the use of your imagination, link her with the master of her life, the soul behind the scenes. Do this as a soul yourself; your soul and her soul then will work out the problem together.

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