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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.U.T.
January 1934


Certain changes have taken place in your life lately and by your decisions you grow and by your decisions you must abide. You have endeavored to take those decisions in the light; it is intent that counts with us, the teachers on the inner side, even if this intent is not correctly realized by the physical brain consciousness. Now you are entering into what might be regarded as a new incarnation. At this significant moment of your life, therefore, I would say a word of warning and of guidance. Live not so utterly within yourself but forget yourself. The past lies behind you. The future will be of your own making in a truer sense than ever before. There is no present moment but each coming second determines simultaneously the future and expresses the past. The past works out through the medium of the very qualities you demonstrate; the future sows the seeds of further good or evil. For you particularly those seeds originate in the thought life.

The group unity and life is affected by the thought content of the disciples who form the group. See to it that what you put into the general current of thought power is of significance. Continue with the work of purifying thought but do this not so much by constantly fighting undesirable thoughts as by substituting dynamic good thought for those facile thoughts which are the result of wrong thought habits. Endeavor, therefore, to be of a vital usefulness to my group by cultivating beauty in your thought. Read deeply and widely - a thing you have never done. But read with the intent to serve your fellowmen through the medium of that which has been gained in this manner.

See that your friendships are with men and with your fellow disciples among the men. With men, your work will lie when [475] the lower nature is better purified and cleansed. I am training this group of disciples, affiliated with my Ashram, for service and they will have to function as a group - both on the inner and the outer planes. Have this in mind in all you do.

I seek this year to give you some set meditation form to follow and I include in it a mantram which you can use daily or when swept by the self-pity which troubles you at this time. The attached meditation form can be followed by you for the rest of the year, when I will again take up the matter with you. It is to be done rapidly, with strict attention and a one-pointed focus, using the following seed thoughts.

  • 1st month - I think no thought, I dream no dream that could harm my brother, and thereby dim his light.
  • 2nd month - I see my brother in the light and with him walk the Path.
  • 3rd month - I say no word that might direct the thoughts of other men and thus bring harm; I shield my brother from every harmful word.
  • 4th month - I hear my brother's note and with it blend my own.
  • 5th month - Unto my group I give the gain of all the past, my love and understanding.
  • 6th month - That wisdom which is mine, that strength and power belong to all. This I must deepen and, with love, contribute to the whole.

Above all, my brother, arrest each unloving thought; stamp out each critical action and teach yourself to love all beings - not in theory but in deed and in truth. Peace be to you and strength to tread the Way.

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