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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.U.T.
February 1935


How shall we deepen the expression of love in your life? How can we intensify the activity of your soul through the medium of your personality? Are you satisfied with the way you have "loved all beings" during the past six months or has that side of your life been somewhat inhibited?

In loving other people in the true and spiritual sense and in serving them (no matter who or what they are), you will find your main and immediate objective expressed. For you, the releasing power of love is essential but it must be the love of the soul, and not personality love, which must be demonstrated. When your personality is flooded with love, you will learn this significant occult lesson that those people whom you despise and those people who are antagonistic to you are as you are; between you and them lies no difference, save perhaps the difference of greater knowledge on your part and, therefore, greater responsibility to express the love of the soul.

You are still separate, my brother and the magnetic quality of your soul still lacks. You still occultly "repudiate" certain [477] people and your own critical, self-centered mind frequently relegates many to the limbo of your dislikes. When this is the case, you inevitably receive from them that which you give to them, and the wall of separation continues to mount higher and higher.

I always speak to those who are in my group of disciples with frankness. Hence my criticism of your attitude and hence my emphatic statement to you now that you do not love enough. You are too prone to criticism, to self-defense and to self-assertiveness.

But having said this I must be equally frank and tell you that you have made real progress. You have stood steady under several years of strain and difficulty and you have not deviated from your allegiance to your soul. Nor will you. Years ago you pledged yourself to tread the Path; your pledge was noted and recorded. Those who watch have realized that your determination is as strong as ever and your will to progress is as intense as in the early days. Let me, therefore, assure you that it is the life tendency that counts. Your life tendency is towards the light and you will enter into light some day. Your work at this time is along the lines of an intensive purification. The need for this you have realized and you have demanded to be purified. The work is going forward.

My brother, when I say that you need to love more, I speak not of the distorted love of the emotional nature but of that pure disinterested love which acts as a magnet to other souls because it is a soul quality, universally shared. This, you know you lack. That which clogs the channels and hinders its free and full flow is your sensitive self-assertiveness which sees everybody in relation to yourself and is not concerned with what you, as a person, may mean to them. Reflect on these words for they hold for you the key to progress. I am taking the time to write to you on this matter for it is of prime importance in your case. Your patient endurance of difficulties, your earnest and keen aspiration and your service to the work which I am doing is oft rendered null and void by your inner antagonisms and your outer separate attitude to those whom you do not like and who do not like you - consequently. [478]

I told you earlier to teach yourself to "recognize the need." Had you done this during the past few months, your way would have been easier and your work would have been much simplified. Everybody you meet has some need and many are very unhappy. Give them of your fullness and know yourself to be a soul. You have been taught much. You walk somewhat in the light. They do not. Hence yours is the responsibility to understand, not theirs. Work, therefore, strenuously at attaining love to all beings and fit yourself to serve the Plan more effectively and your group brothers more understandingly. My heart goes out to you, my brother of old, for I know the problem which you face but I also know your strength and courage. You will succeed - some day.

Keep in touch with W. D. B. and talk your problem out with him. He can and will help you from his own experiences and you can also give him much. I had considered changing your meditation but feel, after due thought, that there is still much in it for you . . .   My brother, may the strength and the light of your soul inspire you and may that deep love which is your soul's heritage pour through you. Should you, during the next few months, need my thought and help, you have my permission to approach me as you do at the time of each full moon. I can trust you not to call me from my work without due cause.

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