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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.U.T.
September 1935


I sometimes wonder what I can do to help you or what words I can say which will enable you to break through the limitations which surround you. There is a measure of freedom possible for you at this time and which will mark the high water mark of this incarnation for you but as yet you have not managed to achieve it. If I tell you that you have made little progress the past few months, you will be discouraged and that I do not desire. If I tell you that your self-interest has intensified lately, you will perhaps not believe me and in any case you will be distressed. Of your sincerity, there is not the slightest doubt. Of your ultimate success, I am equally confident. Of your present static condition I am, however, equally sure. What [479] then can I say, my brother? What can I do in order to destroy this old and limiting rhythm?

One thing I do feel the need to point out and that is that you and L. T. S-K. - each in your different ways - are holding back the group. Your co-disciples cannot go on as a group until you have both stepped your vibration up higher. Your present vibration is lower and slower than theirs. The problem would not be solved, however, by your leaving the group or resigning. You are an integral part of the group upon the inner planes and that remains an esoteric fact.

Will you please study anew my last instructions to you and ponder upon them with renewed interest. Note again what I said to you - for your encouragement - anent your life tendency and be not the least discouraged by my present frankness. Remove your eyes from off yourself and seek liberation in serving others and in loving all men. There are those you do not love. Until you love them as a soul should love, you will not tread the Way of Liberation. There is hatred in your heart and a sense of strong distaste for some you know and who are close to you in this incarnation. Wrench that hatred out and seek to offer love and understanding. Therein, frankly, lies your problem. Get rid of hatred and self-pity and you will leap ahead upon the Path.

I stand by you, friend of old. I know and - believe me - understand. I see your strength and I know your weakness. In the vision of the world's need and in the magnitude of humanity's hour, take hold of your problem; learn to love and understand and so enter into light.

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