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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.U.T.
April 1938


I have for some time watched you with concern, not because of any failure on your part but because of the very real success of your spiritual effort. That sounds a paradoxical thing to say, does it not? But success can sometimes be bought at too high a price and a special effort, leading to success which leaves the personality in a state of complete exhaustion, must in itself be considered a problem requiring solution and - in your case - prompt solution.

So great has been your determination to purify and cleanse your lower nature that you have worn yourself out in the process; so great has been your introverted attention to the call of your soul that your "normal outer-world hearing" (as it is esoterically called) has been dimmed. So great has been your [487] determination to achieve the good way that all the forces of your nature have been expended in the work of reorientation and now that the task has been done, it would appear (I would ask you to note the word "appear") that there is nothing left in you wherewith to serve, by means of which to express the results of achievement or to express that joy and peace which is the soul nature and of value to others.

In physical convalescence, when the patient has won the battle but is too ill as yet to know it, there comes that difficult time wherein there is no desire to return to life, no power to be or do anything, and no ability to be aught else except passive and uninterested; no capacity is left except (with the aid of some outside help) to hold the ground gained and to hope, somewhat hopelessly, that the time will come when one will feel differently. This aptly describes you. My problem is how to help you back to happy, significant living, my brother. Almost all that I can say to you at this stage will fall on listening and willing but uncomprehending ears. Should I commend you for successful work, you care not. But, my friend, you have cleaned house; you have fought a good fight; you have gone through the waters of purification and come through on the other side. You have stood steady and held the ground gained e'en though you realize it not. But so great is your psychic fatigue that you see not the gains. You care not for the future nor for the past. Life has been hard and your problems great. All that was in you has been expended in facing up to life and to your initial problems; you believe, sometimes, that there is nothing left now with which to feel, and at other times you feel too much. You feel that there is nothing in you with which to go forward, with which to face the future - no joy, no optimism and no hope of real betterment of conditions. Yet you do go on. You are still young and life can hold for you much if you face it as it should be faced.

What shall I suggest for your helping? First of all, I would ask you to drop all the esoteric and spiritual work which you are now doing - all personal meditation and reflection, the keeping of a spiritual diary, and (this may surprise you), I am going to ask you to be one of the first in my group of disciples to begin to deal definitely with the problem of world [488] glamor. Will you provide a tiny germ of active life from which a greater work could grow? I am asking you to link up definitely and consciously with certain of my disciples whose names I will give you and who are senior to you. Their task it is to swing their united effort into the strengthening and helping of groups, occupied with collective world service. Seek each morning, at a suitable time, to contact them - as individuals and collectively - and draw on their strength until your own strength has returned in some measure. Some weeks ago, several of them tried to reach and help you, under my instructions. Now I would ask you to endeavor to reach them, not because you are desiring help for yourself, but because you need strength at this time to undertake the task which I am giving you. . .  Let their strength and love pour through you for your strengthening. Let the restorative forces of light and love do their work in you and expect results...

One practical suggestion I would make to you: When right opportunity comes, seek physical plane activity in some other place than the one in which now you find yourself. A change of environment with new faces and new scenes would be of real value to you and should be found. Seek this change and seize it when it comes.

One final word I would say: It is the conflict between the pairs of opposites which produces world glamor. It is the resolution of these opposites through the activity of a fourth ray mind which can, when united with others working along these lines, aid in the dispelling of glamor. To this task, your soul and I now call you. Live above the world of feeling and, because you have felt so much and suffered so much, work now in the world of mind. Live on the mental plane, in the realm of the soul and of the mind.

In closing, I would add for your help the following information:

  1. The energy of your soul (second ray energy) has been expressing itself through the astral body. You have been, and are Arjuna.
  2. Personality force has been turned to and works through the physical body. [489]
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