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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.U.T.
January 1939


If you will study your last instructions in the light of the happenings and changes - there hinted at and foreseen - you will see how correct were my comments that you had in reality come through your life's major battle and that your personal conflict and your individual and culminating "points of crisis" for this life had been handled and left behind. You are free now for service and the destined service has come your way. The door to that service stands wide open and you are ready now for that measure of personal happiness which will tend to make your service more effective by releasing you in your personal life from the frustrations and the pressures which have so long blocked your soul's expression. Herein lies your opportunity, your guarantee, and your responsibility.

The service to which you have been called is an arduous one but you will be working with some of your co-disciples and when that is the case, there is added strength and more than adequate compensation for any strain and difficulty. So now, my brother, in this hour of strenuous world tension and of baffling problems let the light of your soul direct and the love of your soul determine attitudes, guide policies and release into your field of service the power which will bring the desired results...

I have little to say to you at this time. There is no special work to which I would assign you, beyond impressing upon you the necessity for making and holding each day a very steady and felt alignment. If you achieve this each morning with power and clarity, you can handle efficiently all that you have to do and work with ease and happiness. There is so much for you to do in connection with your change of circumstances and so many adjustments to be made in relation to other people and so many problems of an executive kind with which to cope and which grow out of the urgency of the times and the necessity of the work that, if you will do your meditation work and the other work already assigned to you, I will ask no more. I would, however, emphasize the need for attention to the time of the Full Moon and to note down any reactions which may come [490] your way. This will enable you, now that you have passed your worst life crisis, to sum up the situation, to leave behind the past, and to go forward into the new life with a sense of freedom and with a just appreciation of the gained results.

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