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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.U.T.
August 1940


You have been close to me for many years, even though you belong, in reality, to the group of another teacher. He has, however (because you were new in his group) asked me to help you - a brother on the same ray. For years you have been associated with me and will continue so to be.

When he asked me not long ago - as occasionally he does, though at widely separated intervals - what progress you were making, I made reply in the following terms. I state my exact words because they also embody my message to you. I said: "He would make much progress were it not for laziness, physical inertia and a refusal to make sacrifices on personality levels for the work." This, my brother, is a statement of fact. You block yourself on every level by inertia and by the physical alibis of ill health - an ill health which is non-existent. The first ray personality can always be swept into dynamic usefulness and consequent good health by an act of the will, the spiritual will. Your physical sense of being ill is due purely to spiritual laziness - a thing you can offset at once if you choose. You have a loving and understanding heart, but you are too lazy to use it. You could have exerted a constructive influence during the last few years, but you were too lazy to do so. You do the minimum of work for us in these times of stress, instead of the maximum.

Yet, my brother, out of all this analysis emerges the interesting fact that your limitations and hindrances and shortcomings are relatively small and unimportant. They could be easily overcome, if you so choose.

When he heard my brief reply, he made no comment for a minute and then he said: "Only the will-to-good will aid this man and prompt him to excessive service. Tell him to aim at that! For excessive service carried to the point of death itself, [497] is his only way of release from this life." Having told you this, my brother, I have no more to say.

NOTE: The inertia proved too strong and this aspirant withdrew of his own free choice from participation in the Tibetan's work during this life.

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