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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.E.I.
To  D. E. I.

April 1938


Your admission into this group and the assigning to you of greatly increased responsibility in the service of the Hierarchy is practically coincident. I would ask you to ponder upon the significance of this. Increasingly you will have to be more and more outgoing, in a subjective sense, to those with whom you have to work, for your physical plane contact with them is necessarily restricted to a very few, but your range of influence - through correspondence and meditation - can be very wide. See, therefore, that it deepens with each new contact, for otherwise there will be a steady thinning of the stream of influence, will there not? You have much to give, and much to learn and to acquire. You are only beginning your life service in the field wherein we, the teachers and initiates work. You will make mistakes. They will not matter, provided you learn by studying them and are willing to recognize with truth wherein you may have erred. You will succeed, which is far more dangerous to you, and will have to offset the consequent satisfaction by the development of the faculty of comparative relation. Ponder on this suggestion. You will be prompted to self-defense, and to excuse yourself, perhaps more easily than most; but a trained silence where you yourself are concerned, and a cultivated sense of values will protect you. I point out these matters so that you can, with promptness and exactitude, make the needed adjustments and orientation when situations occur. Your whole problem is tied up with your ray qualities, for you are on the second ray where your soul is concerned, whilst you function through a first ray personality. You have, however, a strong seventh ray development because that was the ray upon which your personality was found in your last incarnation. Hence your capacity [498] to organize (which is of the seventh ray) and the ease with which you handle detail (which is a second ray characteristic).

But it is the first ray personality, with its quick response to criticism and its dislike of outer control or interference which must be regulated. There is no one to control you through your responsibility for them or to interfere with you, and hence the difficulty of your problem. You have to make your own way, then, of learning and of cultivating self-forgetfulness. The man who stands alone, and who has determined that condition of isolation for himself has a harder problem, in some ways, and certainly a different problem, than the man who is disciplined by the constant, ceaseless impact of others upon his consciousness. You stand very much alone. It has been your own wish, and the right way for you. But you must offset its unavoidable difficulties through a self-imposed discipline. I leave it to you to find the way. You will, I know, comprehend that whereof I speak.

Your astral body is the most influential of your vehicles of expression and your sensitivity is the result of that. If I might express it, I would say that your soul can express itself through your astral vehicle more easily than through the others. The balance of influence is there. You are on the way to transmute knowledge into wisdom, and it was this latent capacity in you which prompted me to place you where you are, for you are expressing the wisdom aspect of the love ray. Remember this. It is that latent wisdom which must be developed, and for this, your service will provide an adequate field. Astral calm, self-forgetfulness, and the development of wisdom are the three things to which you need to pay the most attention. Conform to the group requirements during the coming months. I will also ask you to follow the meditation here outlined... Meditate on the following themes:

  • 1st month - The Plan. What it is.
  • 2nd month - The immediacy and urgency of the Plan.
  • 3rd month - The possible expansion of the Plan.
  • 4th month - The New Group of World Servers.
  • 5th month - The work of the groups of my disciples.
  • 6th month - World synthesis.
  • 7th month - The New Age. [499]

These suggested seed thoughts may seem to you too large and general. It is just for that purpose that I have chosen them. Your sense of inner contact, the power to intuit, and the ability to enter the world of ideas must be constantly developed. These concepts will aid by stretching your mental body. In quietness and in confidence, my brother, must be your strength.

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