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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - C.D.P.
January 1939


You have made real progress. That is the first thing I wish to say to you. A little more clear thinking and acceptance of the facts which you know about yourself will set you free. Your problem is difficult. It is not based upon the difficulties of your life, for your life problem is not at all unusual - though you have given unusual attention to it. It is based upon the fact that you have a sixth ray personality, a sixth ray astral body and a sixth ray physical body. This constitutes a terrific combination of forces, but you assumed the responsibility of handling these forces in order to break the sixth ray hold which that type of energy has had on you for three lives in sequence. You have reached the age of sixty (or is it a little more, my brother?) and have not yet broken it. Therefore, your soul purpose has not yet been fulfiled. The differences between your attitude now and your attitude thirty years ago is that then you did not realize what it was all about and now you do. Then you had, in reality, no responsibility for you did not know the nature of the task to be done. But, through soul contact, you do know now what the problem is and your responsibility to do something definite is, consequently, heavy. The glamor of ties and relationships has held you for years. The personality umbilical cord still links you to your children and it should have been severed (and rightly severed) several years ago. It would have been of real benefit both to you and to them. This, you know well when the glamor of the responsibilities of motherhood is not upon you. You have to realize now that you have no such responsibility.

Forgive me for my plain speaking, my brother, but I seek to see you free before the time of passing over into the "clear cold light" comes to you. I know whereof you are capable. You are not using the power of your second ray soul which can love and sever at the same time; which can convey the deepest love, subjectively and protectingly, and yet - on the outer plane - can set people free. Let me repeat again: You have no responsibility for your children and never have had since they reached maturity and the right to live their own lives. You have earned the right to your own soul's freedom and expression. [525] Will you take it now and free yourself, or will you muddle through the remainder of this incarnation and, in another life, have to face the identical problem of family relationships and financial responsibility? As yet, you have solved nothing but you have made progress and your eyes are open. Only fear, plus the deliberate refusal to take the strong and right steps, holds you back from a full participation in the service of humanity and in my work...

You have so much to give. I refer not here to money though that too must be included in the life offering of a disciple, at this time of world stress, I refer to greater and deeper gifts which you possess and are apt to refuse to recognize - a loving heart, a mind enriched by years of study and lives of service, and by a loyalty and a gift for friendship which is rare, indeed, to find.

Your soul contact is established and this is a fact upon which you can count. Devitalization of your physical life is due to the cramping to which you have subjected yourself and your pronounced, inner, subjective withdrawal to the mental and astral worlds. You do not express the reality which you are, upon the physical plane. The thought-forms which surround you drain you of vital force and yet, physically speaking, you have no organic trouble or disease. These thought-forms sap your vitality and are definitely destructive - to yourself and to others. Of these thought-forms there are three...

I am giving you a special exercise. Go into your garden twice a week and meet me there. Discover first of all the point within the garden which I have magnetized. At that spot within your garden, talk your problems aloud to me, pausing at intervals and listening for my replies or the replies of your soul. We shall speak when the silence of the outer life and of the personality has been achieved. Keep nothing back but talk aloud to me. Do this with a listening and attentive ear and, by the May Full Moon, you may find that we may have talked the matter out, the glamor may have dissipated, the thought-forms be destroyed and the path shine clear before your eyes.

May the rest and peace of consecration be yours, and my blessing rests upon you. It is not in appreciation of you that I take this time with you. Ancient karmic ties with me, your [526] elder Brother, and the deep love which D. R. S. unchangingly bears for you are reasons adequate to me. Besides - my love is yours. We are on the same soul ray.

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