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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.L.U.
March 1938


You are to be commended in that you have preserved your sense of the goal and succeeded in fulfiling your group tasks in spite of continuous change of environment and constant movement. I would have you know this and that this persistence of yours has been noted and received due appreciation. Out of a widened horizon and greatly extended contacts should emerge [541] a richer and a fuller life of service and a less satisfied reaction to your personality environment and condition; a sense of values should be apparent to you which will necessitate certain basic adjustments in your daily life. These readjustments will be basic, interior and subjective. They will produce (as I told you in my last instruction) no faltering in your relations and your duty to those you love and with whom your destiny is cast for the remainder of this life; they will permit no slackening in your responsibilities to those whom you are pledged interiorly to love and to serve. But they will serve to provide a widened scope for more magnetic service and for a life of outer spiritual accomplishment. For this you are well equipped and yet, with the exception of some words spoken at times to friends and acquaintances and the fulfilment of your home duties, plus your executive work in the group, your life is not yet dynamically focused on service or on doing your share in meeting the world emergency. You are not oppressed with the need to serve; you are not struggling to plan your life so that you can render some definite service and you have no inner spiritual program of service beyond the right fulfilment of your duties as wife and mother and of your social obligations. You lack as yet that "plus" which indicates spiritual efficiency; much of your time is frittered away in profitless doings of some kind or another. It is that "plus" for which I am looking in you, my brother, and for a life lived stable, wisely and based upon a better standard of values.

Part of the problem is connected with your third ray physical body which demands change and requires variety; it dislikes quietness and stability; part of it is the result of your fifth ray mentality (your personality focus is pre-eminently there) which renders you non-magnetic and gives you a vertical and not a horizontal attitude to life. Your personality ray, being the fourth, opens wide the door for soul contact and (when that contact is made and established) it will bring in your second ray energy. This, in your case, will express itself as love more than wisdom, and it will render you creative in a newer and more powerful sense, and make you so magnetic that you will become a focal point of inspiration and loving service to all around you. [542]

Resume your creative work, my brother, and let the love that is deeply hidden in your nature emerge more fully to the surface in relation to the many and not only to the few.

I would suggest that you follow the meditation suggested below. It is definitely a fifth ray meditation and has for its purpose the revelation of the science of service. The fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge is, in reality, that on which a man learns to use all acquired knowledge of the "form divine" in such a way that the inner life is served and the outer form becomes the magnetic expression of the divine life. It is the ray of intelligent love above all else, just as the second ray is the ray of intuitive love - a fact which is seldom remembered or known.

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