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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.L.U.
  1. Alignment. Focus attention in the mind nature to the vibration, the quality of the over-shadowing second ray soul.
  2. Then make the effort to achieve a point of fusion, holding the consciousness at that point as steadily and for as long as possible.
  3. Then sound the O. M. as the aspiring personality and again as the over-shadowing soul, and once more from the attained point of fusion.
  4. Ponder then on the following fifth ray seed thoughts or symbolic phrases, endeavoring to see them visually in symbol form.

First month... The great Wheel turns - the Potter's wheel. The vase of life is formed.

Second month... The ivory puzzle box contains the many lesser forms, all true to type, conforming to the pattern. They veil a central ball - the seed of life.

Third month... A chrysalis appears. Upon its outer shell, upon the inner side, appears the pattern of the form which is to be. What is that future form?

Fourth month... A block of marble, deep within the quarry lies. Hidden within it lies [543] likewise a form of beauty rare. The sculptor works, patterning true to that which lies revealed unto the inner sight. He patterns true and beauty comes to life.

Fifth month... A bridge is built. Two forms are brought within each other's reach. Build thou a form, a bridge.

Sixth month... I saw all forms gathered within the Form of God. Thus one great Form appeared.

  1. Sound the O. M. and vitalize the pictorial vision which you have succeeded in evoking in your imaginative consciousness whilst pondering on the monthly seed thoughts.
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