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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.L.U.
March 1939


My words to you in the last series of instructions have sunk deeply into your consciousness and, little by little, the inner program which should govern your life is slowly taking form - even if you remain as yet somewhat unconscious of it. How seldom do those who have the time and the leisure serve as do those who have no time or leisure! Reflect upon this statement and see to it that some form of life service takes shape in your consciousness which is other than the daily round which falls to those who tend a home. So oft the tending of a home, the functioning as a wife and mother and the performance of the social round, is deemed an adequate expression of service. For some it may and should be so. For others it is not, and you are among those who should function creatively and whose life should be dedicated to the expression of inner reality through the medium of some outer form. What will you, therefore, do if these words of mine are true?

The world emergency is such that those who are affiliated with or who are members of the Hierarchy are calling for all the conscious creative aid that we can find. I call on you. [544]

It is for you to find the way to serve and to gain the needed sense of proportion, the necessary realization as to the basic essentials of the spiritual life, and the tested discrimination and discerning faculty which will indicate to you the manner, the time and the mode of your service.

I give you no change in your meditation. I would ask you to continue with the one which I last gave to you, eliminating all the preliminary stages and - after a rapid alignment - take one of the symbolic phrases and reflect deeply upon it. Then proceed with the group meditation, for the united group work and the facilitating of its preliminary technique of service is the major task for all of you during this next period of work.

NOTE: Temporarily, this disciple withdrew from the group of the Tibetan's disciples, influenced thereto by friends, but in so doing, learnt much, and on the inner side remains close.

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