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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - H.S.D.
January 1938


If you can hold steadily to the point which you have reached during the past few months, if you can begin to utilize the second ray soul force which you have at last succeeded in contacting and if you can stabilize the work accomplished within yourself, you will find yourself entering upon a period of fruitful service. [585]

I would call to your attention some words out of an instruction I earlier gave you wherein I pointed out the necessity for you to seek stabilization within a second ray center. How does this stabilization come? Through steady identification with the desired vibration. One of the main uses of group work is the effect of group vibration upon the individual's vibration. It tones it down when necessary, stimulates it and facilitates its emergence in cases such as yours. Where the soul ray is on a particular line, it is peculiarly valuable for the personality to subject itself to group vibration and contact wherein the pressure exerted and the vibration contacted will be the same as the hidden or emerging soul ray.

That is an aspect of group activity which is little apprehended. You need most definitely the vibration of a second ray group at this time. It matters not what group you choose but it does matter that in some second ray group you aid yourself by forcing the emergence of your second ray characteristics. This is not suggested because you, as an individual, are of such importance or that second ray groups exist in order to help people like you. They do not. But the work of the builders is being called for on every side today and second ray aspirants are needed to direct this work and to strengthen the hands of the Builders. Ponder on this.

What is it that, up to date, has prevented your sincere desire to serve from coming to fruition? My brother, you have as yet done no service that will carry over into the future because it has been done at the sacrifice of yourself, that has involved the sacrifice of your time, your personal interests, and your personal desires, based upon your personal qualities. You have looked on at the service of others and wondered why and how they chose to serve in the various ways they did; you have suggested service to others and have at times made it possible for them to serve; you have talked to groups on service and yet with no results, adequate to the force expended. Why has this been so? Because all the time you were not giving of yourself in love, but only of that which was exterior to yourself. And why, my brother (to continue with the questions) has this been so? Wherein lies your difficulty - a difficulty you can now face because you have established a soul rapport and the light and love of the soul are pouring in on you. [586]

The difficulty lies in the fact that you have a first ray personality and a first ray mental body and the two are so closely associated that you are the victim (or have been, shall we say, for all this can now be altered) of this combination of two first ray responsive aspects. It might be of interest if you studied with me for a moment how these first ray vehicles affect your demonstration in the world. Let us study them together. Your first ray mind has tended to bring about in you the following conditions:

  1. A sense (sometimes unrealized) of separativeness. Where you have been non-separative, it has been because you have forced yourself to cooperate, and yet you were, all the time, conscious of it. Cooperation and human contacts are easy for you in theory, but difficult in fact, and would have been hitherto impossible had it not been for your sixth ray emotional body and the steady beat of your loving soul - now emerging into control.
  2. A tendency to criticize. Need I enlarge upon this? I think not, for I realize that it is dawning upon your consciousness that you have wasted quite a number of years in criticizing your co-disciples and your earnest fellow-workers, and this you are now pledged to end. Twice in the last few months, I have noted your earnest efforts at the elimination of criticism.
  3. A great facility for over-activity. You have a mind body which is in a constant state of fever, with (symbolically speaking, of course) periods of violent activity, amounting almost to delirium. As I have earlier pointed out to you, you are so over-active and your mind ranges so widely here, there and everywhere, that you fail in understanding and in true perception. There has been no time for you to comprehend anything before you are off again in a widely different direction.

This must end, my brother. Out of the many possible lines of activity which lie open before you, will you choose two and adhere to them even when the novelty palls and you hanker to traverse new fields? Forget not that the Hierarchy stands. So stand also and give your time to two fields of service in which you choose to cooperate. Let one of them be a second ray group [587] with which you choose to cast your lot and let the other be in the outer world where some humanitarian effort claims your attention. Give, if you can, sixty per cent of your time to the group effort, for that is where you belong; waste not time in deciding which group it shall be. I refer here - when mentioning these percentages - to the time, strength and interest which you make available. I refer not to the time that is taken up by your home interests, obligations and duties. Give, then, the remaining forty per cent of your time to the outer activity in the world.

Your first ray personality does two things to you: It isolates you in your own mind from your associates and you need to learn the necessity for identification with those who are your co-workers. That means not only identification with the group objective or identification with the major principles of the group but it means also identification with the successes, the failures, the difficulties and the problems. This is not, therefore, the cooperation of the outsider who comes in to help, but the cooperation of one who is so closely associated with the problems and with those who are handling them that there is no sense of being apart, no critical reaction and no superior observation.

Your first ray personality, plus your first ray mind, evokes in you a love of power and a desire for that pleasurable sensation which comes from speech which evokes acquiescence. This serves to place you "in the seat of the superior person," as the Chinese call it. You will usually find, my brother, that it is easy to gather around you many little people, of relatively futile accomplishment (from the angle of world service) but that the finer minds have no time for such acquiescence; they proceed upon their way, leaving you to follow after and to catch up with them eventually. This tendency is, however, rapidly ending in you and in joyful (colored by your love, glorified by the group successes and learning from mistakes) you will walk in the future with your brothers in the Way.

I would like to point out two things also: First, your sixth ray astral body - sensitive, finely organized and motivated by high aspiration - is swept into dramatic, over-emphasized action very frequently because it reacts to the violent impact of your first ray personality and mind. Let this end. Train your emotions, [588] to respond to your second ray soul and for a period at least eliminate the mind from astral control. Can you do this? If you can, you will balance and round out your nature, for the dominating factors will then be:

  1. The soul, working through the astral body and controlling your heart light.
  2. The personality, working through the mind and controlling all group relations, making them intelligent and presenting to the soul and heart the service of a mind and brain, attuned to the loving, intelligent impulses of the group life.

The second thing I would like to say to you is that it is not my intention to refer again to your personality problems and to your character difficulties. With a disciple, as intelligently motivated as you are, and with a love nature as deep and sane and sweet as yours, further comment is unnecessary. I am hoping that in my coming communications with you, I shall be able to confine myself to the development in you of those qualities which will make you a real healer and able to work in a group of healers. My blessing rests upon you, my brother, in a new way and I am approaching you with joy in my heart.

As regards the work I would have you do, my suggestion is that you concentrate upon the work of the Full Moon Approaches. For you, the time of each full moon is one of real importance; if you prepare yourself for it as you should and as you can, you will produce in yourself certain definite results of which you will become gradually aware.

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